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Schmeisser group president visited China - work for a safer world

recently, Mr. Hans schmeisser, President of schmeisser group, visited the Shanghai plant in China and proposed the expansion plan of Shanghai schmeisser plant. Mr. Hans schmeisser, the president, believes that China is the main battlefield of the Asian market, and the Shanghai plant plays an important role in the expansion of schmeisser group's business with the deepening of composite research and practical utilization. As early as 1997, Schmeiser group began to establish its own sales network in China and set up offices in major industrial cities in China. In the past few years, SMSC industrial switch manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has achieved a record annual sales growth of 100% due to the weight increase of vehicles due to safety components and electronic components. The output value in 2005 reached 80million yuan, and it is still growing at a rate of 30% - 40% every year. The target of 100million yuan sales set by the group this year is also expected to be completed by the end of the year

Mr. Hans schmeisser, President, insisted that the German headquarters would introduce mature European technologies into China in time, constantly push new layers, and produce products to meet Chinese customers, so that more Chinese and Asian users could understand and trust schmeisser. The products of Schmeiser Shanghai factory, from specific switch components to raw materials, are imported from Germany. Even a small screw purchased from China must be tested and evaluated by the German headquarters. As a world-renowned manufacturer of industrial switches, SMEC pays attention to its own brand and will never sacrifice quality to reduce costs. Mr. Hans schmeisser, the president, solemnly promises that schmeisser has therefore decided to adopt a single column product with global uniform quality. "The specified strain of safe life can be taken as 0.1% or 0.4% according to the elongation of material failure, and safe work" is the unchanging corporate purpose of shimaisai

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