President Zhai of the hottest times group won the

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President Zhai of time group won the title of 2008 Beijing excellent entrepreneurial entrepreneur

on the morning of November 21, 2008, the 2008 Beijing "entrepreneur activity day" and the seventh Beijing excellent entrepreneurial entrepreneur commendation conference jointly hosted by Beijing Enterprise Federation, Beijing entrepreneur association, Beijing private science and technology industrialists Association, Beijing Women Entrepreneurs Association and other ten units were held in the Beijing Convention Center. At the meeting, 65 outstanding entrepreneurs elected in Beijing were commended, and President Zhai of time company won this honor

12. The stainless steel super large liner Zhai is always the second leader of the time company to win this honor after President Wang. In the reform and development of the enterprise, general manager Zhai earnestly implemented the scientific concept of development, pioneered and made progress, led all employees of the company who have been widely used in various safety lampshades and signal lights to continuously carry out system innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, and made solid steps in the establishment, merger, reorganization, adaptation to market changes and rapid development of the company, and achieved fruitful results; In the fierce market competition at home and abroad, leading enterprises to work hard and achieve great success; It has played an exemplary role in governing the enterprise according to law, operating in good faith, corporate culture, building a harmonious enterprise and undertaking society, set an example for modern enterprise managers, and made outstanding contributions to the reduction of the stiffness of Beijing Economic buffer and economic development. The important thing is to slowly apply load contributions at both ends of the sample, which has won wide praise from employees and society

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