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The Netherlands plans to pave roads with plastic or more absorbent

a Dutch company has launched a project called "plasticroad". By adopting new concrete materials and new designs, we try to solve the problem that asphalt pavement is easy to be damaged and ponding

according to dailymail, this company is about to launch a new material. This material is made of recycled plastic, which is more environmentally friendly than asphalt. At the same time, it should be cooled faster and lighter, which means it has stronger water absorption capacity. The company revealed that this new type of concrete material can drain freely, and transfer the accumulated water on the surface to the underground through the gap between the materials, forming an efficient water permeability

in addition, this company also brings a new way of paving. This kind of material is very easy to disassemble and replace. Fifth, the inspection of load system is convenient for road maintenance. The company also said that in the future, it hopes to design this kind of road like Lego blocks, with fixed mortise, which can be directly disassembled and replaced

however, in extremely cold areas, this new type of concrete is still prone to damage. The growth rate of most products fell back. Due to the material, attention must be paid to freezing the water under the vertical layer of the sample, which will cause surface cracks. If this problem cannot be solved, it is still difficult to expand the scope of use of plasticroad

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