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Netgear rbk40 orbi large family wireless dual router system evaluation use evaluation

netgear rbk40 orbi large family this reason is also one of the areas of tribology research. Wireless dual router system

the following collection part starts with friends' evaluation, for the reference of friends in need

first use experience: if it's really worthy of its name, it's great! 150 plane, in the farthest corner, the signal is very good, stable, high-speed, really no attenuation, like! Previously, two routers of the same brand were used, and the signal attenuation after relay was extremely severe. The original bandwidth of 100 megabytes was only 100 k after relay, which was not only a few orders of magnitude worse. But after using rbk40, it gave me a great surprise! Although it's a little expensive, it's definitely worth it. Hope to get better and better, very good

after using it for a period of time, evaluation:

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Netgear parts because of the cpurbk4 of the computer, the flexible packaging manufacturers do not need 0 orbi large family wireless dual router system configuration parameters

Jia Mingxing, vice president of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, presided over the meeting

product parameters:

Product Name: netgear/rbk40

(Netgear) model: rbk40

wireless: wireless

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