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[friends say things] Tangshan Fengrun District: who will save the aging wires here

Great Wall, October 12 (Li Lijun, Zeng Siyu) "we are an old community here, and the wires are all aluminum wires. It is easy to trip and cut off power when the current is a little high." Recently, the Great Wall "political Hebei" platform received an appeal from Ms. Zhang, Fengrun District, Tangshan City, saying that building 10, community 12, where she lives, often trips and loses power, affecting the normal lives of many residents in the same building. In view of the fact that the root of the matter lies in the word "manufacturing", the "political Hebei" platform conducted a field visit and investigation

burned wires in the meter box of building 10, community 12, Fengrun District, Tangshan city. Photographed by Zeng Siyu, on October 9, in building 10, community 12, Fengrun District, Tangshan City, where Ms. Zhang lives, I saw that due to the aging of the wires, the wires installed in the meter box had been burned, which had great potential safety hazards. Ms. Zhang said that the building she lived in has been for more than 20 years, and there had been occasional tripping and power failure before. The residents in the building had also reported this problem to the Fengrun District Housing Management Office. The people in the housing management office only looked at the situation every time they came, and did not say what the problem was. They also did not give a reply to the residents whose domestic high-end cars or foreign models were mostly about 30kg, and sometimes looked at the electricity, Then he said, "isn't there electricity?" Then he left. However, recently, power outages have become more and more serious, especially during the peak period of power consumption in summer. It is common to cut off power four or five times a day

"on September 30, when we returned home from Beijing, we found that the things in the ice exchange protection column box smelled. Our neighbors told us that there was a total power failure during this period, and the refrigerator could not operate normally. On October 2, we called the housing management office, but they only looked at the situation, saying that it was not the wire, and they did not repair or change the wire, so there was no following." Ms. Zhang said

the dilapidated electricity meter box in building 10, community 12, Fengrun District, Tangshan city. Photographed by Zeng Siyu

due to frequent power cuts, which seriously affected the normal life of residents, there was no way. Ms. Zhang found a housekeeping service company, and the residents of this unit shared 300 yuan equally, which solved the problem of jumping and adjusting the automatic drawing device to power off

Ms. Zhang said that the relevant government departments have replaced the wires for free in other buildings in her community because of the aging lines, but now only buildings 9, 10 and 11 have not been replaced due to the property right problem. She hoped that the Fengrun District Housing Management Office, as the property right party of the house, could replace the aging lines in the old community in time to effectively ensure the safety of people's electricity use

then, I dialed the Tangshan Fengrun District Housing Management Office. The staff said that it had been repaired. If the wires need to be replaced in the future, the cost needs to be shared equally by the residents. When asked whether the tripping and power failure of the building was solved by the residents at their own expense, the other party replied, "yes"

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