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Nestle uses Tetra Pak's recyclable bottle caps

in August, the new packaging of ninho and molicouht products produced by Nestle in Brazil will be withdrawn one after another. Their new packaging will use Tetra Pak's recycled bottle caps

Tetra Pak's spokesman told the media that huankuai extracted polyethylene from sucrose extract for the first time in the world, and used it to mobilize all kinds of enthusiasm. Because of quality, it can instantly measure and record the characteristic curve of the material in the process of impact

this recyclable material was developed by Braskem. According to Tetra Pak, the company is the largest oil products company in Brazil

Tetra Pak said that by April 2016, a large amount of sugarcane was needed in the whole process of generating the recyclable material. Planting sugarcane can reduce greenhouse gases and absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

we hope that through this move, we can encourage everyone to invest in green industries, and then we can harvest more sugarcane for the production of harmless packaging, said a Tetra Pak spokesman

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