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NetApp: hybrid cloud is the mainstream of the whole market in the future

in October this year, the 2015 NetApp insight annual technology conference was grandly opened under the expectation of everyone. NetApp has released new data fabric solutions and services. Provide enterprises with the data management functions they need to succeed in the era of hybrid cloud. For the data fabric solution, Mr. chenwenjun, global vice president of NetApp, and Mr. You Qinghong, technical director of NetApp China, made further elaboration at the media salon held on October 29

mixed cloud is the whole 1 At room temperature, the trend of the market

NetApp is a data management company, which is mainly positioned to make a crosscutting in the whole ecosystem, so that we can connect with all ecosystems. Mr. chenwenjun mentioned that now hybrid cloud is the trend of the whole market. For large enterprises, they also have their own private cloud, and these applications may be put on the public cloud. Small and medium-sized enterprises may borrow the public cloud because of insufficient IT resources or manpower at first. The two coexist

when customers adopt hybrid clouds, they need partners to help deploy hybrid clouds quickly. Therefore, NetApp has specially designed partners' specialization plans to cultivate their ability to deploy hybrid clouds. At the same time, NetApp also has the migration training plan of clustered OnTap and the specialization plan of clustered OnTap to help partners cultivate our clustering mode and the ability of clustered OnTap transition service. At the same time, it also has certification, so that they can do the training of clustered OnTap and support the deployment of this clustered OnTap

data fabric accelerates the deployment of hybrid clouds

data fabric is a very good assistant for resellers. NetApp insight's annual technology conference last year attracted much attention. After a year, NetApp worked with partners and service providers to continuously improve the ecosystem and jointly create integrated solutions and services, so as to make data fabric a reality

at present, when you mention cloud, you will think of some different technologies. What is cloud computing? You have to stand on the moon to see that there are many different clouds on the earth, and many don't know whether to call it cloud or what, but this pile of things is still self-contained, and it doesn't overlap with other things. Mr. youqinghong said that NetApp data fabric can actually be used as an adhesive to connect these different islands

data fabric has three key points. First, freedom. Customers can freely choose the cloud of any cloud service provider, which can be Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, IBM, Google, making the choice more free

second, data can flow across clouds. For example, the Amazon cloud selected today may find that the service provider of another cloud has better services or the cost is more beneficial to me a year later. If I want to switch to another cloud, NetApp data can be easily switched, and can flow between public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud at the same time

third, fast. Many customers store data in private cloud, operator or public cloud. Each kind of stored data has a format. The formats may not be compatible. At this time, it is difficult for data to flow across different clouds

netapp's idea of meeting customers' higher requirements is to build a data management architecture so that data can flow easily between clouds and build private and public clouds

in the final analysis, data fabric is not a product, nor a solution, but a vision. Its important value is that it can help users smoothly migrate and access data across all kinds of cloud platforms. Let data be free, fast and flexible

future products will target the cloud

future NetApp products will target or be cloud oriented. In other words, NE can meet the relevant national and international standards. If it is not valuable in the whole cloud ecosystem, its priority may be very low. Mr. youqinghong mentioned. If NetApp's existing products do not match the application and development of cloud degradable materials, whether private or public, the products will not be launched

for NetApp itself, it will still adhere to the vision and cluster of data fabric, continue to help customers solve the whole data management, the transition of the whole cloud, and provide more opportunities to develop in the direction of the cloud

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