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Lingyun bid farewell to wonderful 08 and look forward to brilliant 09

2008 is a year of rapid growth for Lingyun company, and its output value continues to maintain rapid and stable growth. The organizational structure is more complete, the process specifications are clearly implemented, and the work planning and goal orientation are continuously strengthened. The team members are united in good faith, forming a continuous deepening of exchanges and interactions between the three places, so that Lingyun can work together wholeheartedly to provide the most competitive solutions for Chinese image and machine vision users! In the past, such as stronger strength, dimensional stability, better thermodynamic performance and flame retardancy (active flame retardants and reducing combustion smoke), in 2008, Lingyun made significant progress and breakthroughs in the application of aerospace, intelligent transportation, Olympic engineering, railway and other industries. In March, visionware, the company's independent software, was officially released. In the process of steadily pushing it to the market, it has continuously launched update modules to meet various needs. The three independently developed software technologies have all passed the copyright registration, which can reduce the cost, marking that Lingyun has completely independent intellectual property rights for this software system. Lingyun sincerely expects to use its own technical advantages to provide customers in the industry with the best software solutions

in 2008, Lingyun company traveled all over the country and brought many visual technology seminars and professional exhibitions to our customers, which were widely praised by everyone. In 2009, the company will use more high-quality visual seminars to give back to friends from all walks of life. Lingyun technical support department was comprehensively upgraded in 2008, completed the preliminary construction of laboratories in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and improved the testing, experiment and demonstration platform. In the foreseeable future, it will provide customers with more powerful and faster technical support and services. The marketing department of the company sorts out its own resources, explores the needs of users, and will grandly launch a new station in 2009. It is expected to bring more convenient network services to our customers, and carry out more abundant industry information paintings for customers, including lithium titanate, lithium titanium phosphate, negative electrode materials, etc

while building the team, Lingyun continues to move forward towards its common career goal - to become a modern high-tech enterprise with international standards! If you contact Lingyun company, please email: Sales@

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