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Linglong tire R & D science and innovation base will be located in Jinan

on July 17, Linglong tire signed a cooperation agreement with the Jinan Municipal People's government. Next, Linglong tire will locate the R & D science and innovation base in the Central District of Jinan. The two sides will focus on "science and innovation Jinan" and "smart manufacturing Jinan", and cooperate in science and technology, talent and other aspects. Sunlicheng, member of the Standing Committee of Shandong provincial Party committee and Secretary of Jinan municipal Party committee, jiangxiaoguang, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of Jinan municipal Party committee, yinqingzhong, vice mayor of Jinan, hanyongjun, Secretary of the Central District Party committee of Jinan, and other leaders; Linglong tire chairman and President Wang Feng and other relevant leaders of Linglong attended the signing ceremony

Linglong tire signed a cooperation agreement with Jinan Municipal People's Government

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Linglong tire, as one of the representatives of the high-quality development of Chinese tire enterprises, currently has 7 production bases around the world, and its products are sold to more than 180 countries and regions around the world, providing supporting services for more than 100 production bases of more than 60 automobile factories around the world, such as Hongqi, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi. The company's brand influence ranks ninth on the list of "2020 top ten most valuable tire brands in the world", and its operating revenue ranks 14th on the list of "2020 top 34 global tire enterprises". Linglong tire continues to make efforts to support the market, ranking sixth in the world and taking the lead in the "China tire original brand ranking" in the "China tire original brand ranking" in 2020, when manufacturers need to use packaging testing instruments for strict testing before shipment for half a year

Wang Feng, chairman and President of Linglong tire, attended the signing ceremony

Linglong tire has a deep understanding of the importance of scientific and technological innovation to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. It has set up seven research and development institutions around the world, gathered global extraordinary wisdom, interpreted wisdom and Linglong with scientific and technological innovation, broke through the core and key technologies, won many national and provincial science and technology awards, and broke the monopoly of many international first-line brand products

Jinan has a long history. It is a famous historical and cultural city announced by the State Council and a central city on the south wing of the Bohai Sea. In recent years, Jinan, which is booming, has led the province in major economic indicators, accelerated the agglomeration of innovation platforms, significantly optimized its business environment, and significantly increased its urban influence

On April 28, Liu Jiayi, Secretary of Shandong provincial Party committee, proposed to speed up the construction of a modern international metropolis of "great strength, beauty and prosperity", and strive to build five Jinan: Science and technology innovation Jinan, intelligent manufacturing Jinan, cultural Jinan, ecological Jinan, and healthy Jinan. On July 10, the Jinan municipal Party committee and government held a press conference, focusing on "science and technology create Jinan" and "smart build Jinan", sounding the horn of accelerating the construction of an industrial strong city. After the pilot project of high-yield corn

Linglong tire R & D science and innovation base is settled in Jinan, it will make full use of Jinan's economic agglomeration advantages, convenient transportation advantages and talent concentration advantages, give full play to the company's innovative R & D power and brand influence, and absorb technology and people at home and abroad on a larger scale. 4 If the oil viscosity is too low, the transformation of old and new kinetic energy of enterprises will be accelerated to achieve high-quality development

at the same time, relying on the global R & D scientific and technological innovation base, optimize and gather high-end scientific and technological innovation resources, stimulate the innovation vitality of market players, promote the upstream and downstream R & D of relevant industrial chains, promote the development of regional big data and intelligent manufacturing to help ensure the accuracy of data and other industries, create vitality for building "five Jinan", enable and increase efficiency for Jinan to accelerate the construction of an industrial strong city, and realize mutual benefit, sharing and win-win between government and enterprises

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