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Lingyun intelligent outbound robot real estate marketing artifact

is very interested, but I have no money

whether it is traditional paper media, television stations, online and outdoor media, or activities hosted by developers, they can't compare with the return rate of marketing in terms of effect. In the real estate industry, the return rate of marketing has been much higher than other forms of marketing

for potential and interested customers, marketing can do more in-depth interaction and communication with them. Media publicity can at most let customers know the real estate, but direct communication can package and promote the project in more detail according to customer needs. A real estate agent responsible person said

the high return rate makes the demand of marketing in the real estate industry rise rapidly, followed by the rising outbound service cost and sales pressure. Labor cost, training cost, performance and requirements tested according to the needs of flexible packaging film, and management cost have become obstacles

Lingyun intelligent outbound call robot real estate marketing artifact

the first Lingyun intelligent outbound call robot in China recently launched by Jietong Huasheng can actively call customers, realize barrier free voice communication between robots and users through the leading Lingyun intelligent voice interaction technology, and collect and record customer feedback information

a domestic real estate company that has applied Lingyun intelligent outbound call robot has easily realized communication with customers who are interested in buying houses:

Lingyun outbound call robot

Hello, this is XX real estate. I would like to recommend some hardbound hotel apartments to you. Are you interested in learning about it

where is the specific location

Lingyun outbound robot

our building is 800 meters away from the entrance of XXX subway station, opposite the north bus station, and the transportation is very convenient

is there a primary school nearby

Lingyun outbound robot

Hello, there are two municipal key primary schools and one provincial key high school near the building

marketing as a communication skill, how to choose the appropriate pressure testing machine? When the PVC test bench is on the rise, the electric salesperson doesn't need to turn on the oil pump first. The communication tone, questioning order and professional ability of QB 3805 ⑴ 999 often affect the order, and all kinds of professional training are needed. With Lingyun intelligent outbound call robot, these are no longer troubles

Lingyun intelligent outbound robot can always maintain unified standard, warm and polite voice communication, and 100% correctly answer customer business inquiries. It can also call customers in batches, which greatly saves human costs and improves the efficiency of marketing

Lingyun intelligent outbound call is by no means a simple q a

in the telemarketing market, there are also some so-called outbound call robots, commonly known as calling you dead. Through a computer and a server, record an audio of the promotion, and then start using the machine to make outbound calls constantly

however, because it is too mandatory, customers who receive such services show strong disgust, which has a great negative impact on the enterprise brand. Customers who really want to know about products just want to ask, but they hang up after the advertisement, and they haven't collected any customer feedback

and Lingyun intelligent outbound call robot is not a simple Q A. through advanced Lingyun speech recognition and semantic understanding technology, the robot can accurately understand customers' questions, make targeted answers, and realize complex multiple rounds of dialogue. At the same time, through voice transcribing, dialogue information can be directly stored and recorded. After big data analysis and mining, relevant marketing data can be provided for enterprises

it can do more than expected in marketing, collection and return visit.

not only in the real estate industry, but also in education, medical treatment, catering and other industries, Lingyun intelligent outbound robot can also play a great value. Through active outbound call, Lingyun outbound call robot can let thousands of children's parents know the products of educational enterprises at the same time, and communicate and consult one-on-one, while medical institutions can directly remind patients to take medicine through outbound call robot

in banking, Internet finance, insurance and other industries, more than 10 enterprises have applied Lingyun intelligent outbound call robots to solve the problem of collection and payment. In addition, in almost all outbound call fields such as follow-up visits and questionnaires, Lingyun intelligent outbound call robots can share work for people, allowing people to spend their energy on more advanced rather than basic work

maybe in the near future, you will receive express pick-up, late flight notice, operation and maintenance barrier, appointment interview and so on, which will be called by Lingyun intelligent outbound robot

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