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Lingyu "little yellow man" rushed to the southwest in batches

Ling Yu's "little yellow people" rushed to the southwest in batches

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recently, 30 Lingyu "little yellow people" gathered in CIMC Lingyu factory, ready to go to the distance. Under the bright spring light, they wore bright and bright coats, which looked particularly vibrant and attracted countless eyeballs

this is a batch of light-weight powder material transportation semi-trailer ready to be sent to the southwest, which was purchased by an old user of Lingyu. This user is a large professional tank type special vehicle transportation company, mainly engaged in the production, sales, transportation and storage of fly ash. With strong strength and great influence, the distance between markings is also different

the customer's more than 100 tank cars are all products of CIMC Lingyu, which is evident in the recognition of Lingyu's brand and products for accelerating the transformation and development of the aluminum industry

referring to CIMC Lingyu, the customer said, "Lingyu is a big brand, with mature products, reliable performance, high residual value, timely after-sales service and trust!"

the cooperation between the two sides has a history of ten years. Lingyu tank cars of gold quality have created considerable economic benefits for customers. Now their business is becoming larger and larger, covering more and more regions, and there are more and more customers. Their consistent oil box heating system has two choices, Lingyu, which also helps Lingyu improve its brand popularity in the southwest market and truly achieve a win-win situation

with excellent products and perfect services, CIMC Lingyu's tank car has already become one of the best brands in the southwest, with a stable market share, and is a well-known "tank car expert" in the industry. The trust and support of customers are the driving force for our continuous progress. At the same time, we will continue to improve product quality and provide our customers with better money making tools and perfect after-sales service

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