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Lingyun intelligent customer service helped Fengtai state and Local Taxation Bureau launch a 7 * 24-hour voice communication platform

press: it's hot in summer, do you still go to the tax bureau to ask questions? Then you are not suitable! Fengtai weishuitong official account recently introduced artificial intelligence technology into tax services. You can understand users' voice questions through voice recognition technology without touching your fingers. Generally speaking, tax inquiries can be answered at any time. Today, I'll take you to find out

recently, Fengtai weishuitong official account jointly built by the District State and Local Taxation Bureau launched a new intelligent service, which can not only communicate with taxpayers in the form of text chat for 7 * 24 hours, but also understand the voice questions raised by taxpayers and give accurate and fast replies

if you want to ask tax questions, just talk directly on the Internet, which is convenient and fast. This small change really makes me feel that the tax service is becoming more and more intelligent and humanized. Ms. Zhang, who finished the automatic experiment function of the test piece after paying attention to Fengtai wechat, felt a full sense of gain. I'm over half a century old, and it's very hard to use smart, let alone typing. Now it's much more convenient to have voice conversation service, just like chatting with friends on wechat to ensure the system's letter. You can consult tax issues anytime and anywhere, and you won't be wronged

it is understood that Fengtai state and Local Taxation Bureau innovatively introduced Tsinghua Lingyun artificial intelligence technology into tax service, and launched Lingyun intelligent customer service that can provide taxpayers with 7 * 24-hour tax consultation on Fengtai micro tax link. Lingyun intelligent customer service uses the latest deep neural network algorithm (DNN), that is, deep learning algorithm, which can realize the rapid processing of massive data. It also adopts the industry-leading artificial intelligence technologies such as Lingyun speech recognition (ASR) and semantic understanding (NLU), which can not only communicate with users in the way of text chat, but also accurately understand users' voice questions and give quick and accurate answers, and is excellent at tax service

The successful application of voice intelligence function breaks the traditional one-to-one consultation mode, creates a new consultation mode in which many people ask questions and get answers at the same time, effectively relieves the working pressure of tax authorities' consultation, improves the consultation and reception ability of tax services, and makes the consultation channels unimpeded

after the function was launched, the total number of hits on Fengtai wechat platform has exceeded 500000 in a short time, surpassing consulting and becoming the first choice for taxpayer consulting business. At the same time, the public, but when we don't need them and hope that they can disappear completely, has also continued to enhance its powder absorption ability. So far, the number of fans has exceeded 33000

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