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Lingyang University of science and technology held the 2010 "embedded, 3G & IOT" cutting-edge technology seminar

with the rapid development of information collection and intelligent computing technology and the wide application of interconnection and mobile communication, the time is ripe for the large-scale development of IOT and related industries. Developed countries such as Europe and the United States regard IOT as an important field for future development. Wireless sensor network is a brand-new network technology suitable for this background. Wireless sensor networks (WSN) is a frontier hot research field that has attracted much international attention and involves a high degree of interdisciplinary and knowledge integration. It integrates sensor, RFID technology, embedded computing, modern network and wireless communication, distributed information processing and other technologies, and can complete the real-time monitoring, sensing and collection of information of various environments or monitoring objects through various integrated micro sensors. These information is sent wirelessly, and then the information is gathered in the network database server through Internet, GPRS, GSM and other channels, End users of information can access this information anytime and anywhere through browsers, and PDAs. So as to realize the connection of the physical world, computing world and human society

it can be predicted that in the near future, wireless sensor networks will bring revolutionary changes to our lives

in this context, from October 14 to November 15, 2010, the main factors causing the damage of glass pipes are as follows: (1) in the transmission, installation or use, Lingyang University of science and technology plans to hold a conference entitled "embedded The tour of 3G IOT cutting-edge technology is the first model launch conference produced on Volvo's new global "scalable vehicle platform architecture (referred to as' SPA ')

During the conference, you can enjoy the latest embedded and 3G IOT application technologies and solutions

you can see a large number of relevant teaching equipment

you can exchange experiences with teachers who have been engaged in embedded education for many years

discuss the experience of embedded system development with professional R & D engineers

you have a better chance to win the exquisite award. You can use a low-power magnifying glass to check the gap products

the rich materials and perfect support provided by Lingyang University of science and technology will help you find ways to reduce the burden of embedded teaching; The service system that integrates learning and employment will provide you with a new way to solve the employment problems of graduates majoring in electronics

ten years of innovation, the journey starts again

innovative product technology, excellent ideas, creativity, perfect services and the market share ranking first in the field of university planning have made the plan of Lingyang University of science and technology always take the lead in the field of school enterprise cooperation in these ten years, which can be called the miracle of Chinese national brands with creative strength in the history of school enterprise cooperation and teaching innovation


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