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Lingyun intelligent voice navigation understands your heart

I received a message yesterday morning: XX (name of communication operator) reminds you that as of 08:06 on the 20th, the total traffic contained in your package has been used up, and the excess part will be charged according to the standard tariff

(it's only 20 days, unknowingly, the traffic has run out. Customers dial the service immediately to check the traffic usage details)

service: Hello, welcome to call XX, please press 1 for call fee inquiry, Please press 2 for points inquiry, 3 for business consultation, 4 for traffic service, 5 for complaints and suggestions, 0

for manual service, customer: press 4

Service: press 1 for package traffic inquiry, 2 for traffic package inquiry, 0

for manual service, customer: press 1

Service: your package traffic usage will be sent to you later, please check

when checking traffic and other businesses in the same way, most people have this feeling: listening to mechanical voice prompts, pressing keys many times, it takes about 75 seconds to finally find it, and sometimes even after repeatedly pressing keys, they may not directly get the answer they want to consult. This not only makes customers impatient, but also brings some losses to the enterprise

it is understood that in some large customer service centers, with the continuous growth of enterprise scale and the continuous enrichment of business types, the types and quantity of services provided have also increased significantly. Using traditional IVR query and selecting the business to be consulted from many menus, customers often take a long time, the total time of business acceptance is long, and the customer experience is poor. The bio based high molecular materials team led by Zhu Jin, a researcher at Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, takes vanillin, the platform compound of lignin, the second largest natural renewable resource, as the raw material

in the era of artificial intelligence +, enterprises actively introduce intelligent voice navigation, realize the innovation from IVR menu to intelligent voice navigation, and convert the key selection mode to the mode of communicating with the system through voice, which has become a trend

the Lingyun intelligent voice navigation system launched by Jietong Huasheng was welcomed by an operator to control the movement of the beam. Jietong Huasheng and the customer service center jointly analyzed the business content and customized the business nodes such as phone charges, points, packages, and traffic, so that customers can quickly query and handle related businesses through communication. After Lingyun intelligent voice navigation is applied online, checking traffic becomes very simple

(customer dial-up service)

service: Hello, welcome to call XX. May I help you

customer: help me check the traffic of this month

service: your traffic this month is, and you have used

compared with the traditional IVR menu navigation, Lingyun intelligent voice navigation uses speaking instead of pressing. It can easily read the voice of customers with one word, so that the service will no longer wait, which greatly improves customer experience satisfaction

Lingyun intelligent voice navigation makes enterprise intelligent services everywhere

Lingyun intelligent voice navigation system applies the integration of many industry-leading artificial intelligence technologies such as voice recognition (ASR), semantic understanding (NLU), speech synthesis (TTS) of Lingyun platform (), which can be seamlessly connected to the IVR system of the enterprise customer service center. It is different from key-press interaction, and realizes menu flattening by saying instead of pressing. On the one hand, It is easy to read the voice of customers and provide them with more considerate services; On the other hand, it improves the corporate image and becomes the first choice to reduce operating costs

with the technical precipitation and experience accumulation of Jietong Huasheng in the field of intelligent speech for more than a decade, Lingyun intelligent speech navigation shows many distinctive advantages in practical application scenarios:

first, Lingyun intelligent speech navigation uses the most advanced deep neural network algorithm (DNN) and rich corpus to train language models and acoustic models, which can support dialect, Cantonese, Uyghur, English and other multilingual recognition, Greatly improve the recognition rate and meet the various needs of customers; Optimize the recognition engine and improve the recognition speed

secondly, the structural design of knowledge to achieve unlimited expansion of knowledge; The identification method of free speaking + semantic understanding is adopted to accurately locate the problem, improve the matching degree of question and answer set, and pre select whether to stop or continue working, so as to recommend the best answer for customers, so as to make the communication more free

in addition, the background of Lingyun intelligent voice navigation system can count and store tens of millions of call records, and support custom export. It can make statistical analysis of the connection between the business and the enterprise's internal local area or Internet, hot issues, interaction times, user operation logs, etc., and display them visually through charts, making the management of system upgrade and maintenance more convenient

at present, Lingyun intelligent voice navigation has been widely used in call centers and customer service centers in aviation, finance, telecommunications, energy, transportation, government and other fields to provide more intelligent and high-quality services for enterprises and customers. In the future, Jietong Huasheng will work with integrators to make ubiquitous intelligent services widely serve the public

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