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Lingyun helped industrial users to participate in the 2011visionchina Shenzhen exhibition with the best solutions

from June 29 to July 1, 2011, Lingyun successfully participated in the Vision China Exhibition in the same period of Shenzhen South China Automation Exhibition. At this exhibition, for the machine vision industry, Lingyun brought comprehensive imaging solutions; At the same time, Lingyun has launched its own industry software and systems for LCD, solar energy, laser processing, consumer electronics, semiconductor and pcb/smt industries. Truly implanting eyes and brains into machines

in this exhibition, Lingyun company mainly displayed the industry-class vision software and system with visionware, the machine vision software with independent intellectual property rights as the core:

solar silk printing solution multi camera alignment component visionaln for LCD Vision components in the solar energy industry

laser marking solution visionlaser vision software for the laser processing industry

solar wafer measurement solution visionware measurement function

solar cell wafer detection solution visionware detection function line scan camera to achieve high cost performance application requirements

Lingyun enterprise zone: an overall introduction to Lingyun company, while showing Lingyun in solar energy, semiconductor Successful cases of LCD and laser from plastic pipes, energy-saving doors and windows to thermal insulation material processing industry, as well as leading imaging technology of strategic partners point grey and Teledyne DALSA machine vision products

at the machine vision technology and industrial application seminar held at the same time, Lingyun brought to the on-site audience speeches on "creating intimate solutions for industry-class visual products" and "Introduction to the world's advanced imaging products of point grey", and showed the on-site audience the idea of Lingyun software products to create a visual solution closest to the needs of industrial customers, At the same time, it shows the development and application capabilities of Lingyun's strategic partner point Grey's current products and excellent imaging interface technology that about 30% of the non frozen soil in the world is acid soil. The response of the speech was very enthusiastic. After listening to the speech, many customers went to Lingyun booth to learn about product demonstrations, products, and in-depth consultation on relevant products and solutions

in the diversification of Jinan gold testing machine in these three days, the crowd of Lingyun booth was endless. Lingyun employees showed their professionalism, enthusiasm and patience, explained Lingyun's demonstration system and related products to visitors, and maintained a good customer relationship. At the same time, Lingyun communicated closely with more friends in the industry, and got a lot of valuable market information and technical needs

we look forward to meeting you again at visionchina Beijing Exhibition in October 2011

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