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Trinity new strange -- different Trinity we tell you

Trinity new strange -- different Trinity we tell you

China Construction Machinery Information

when talking about Trinity Group, people will think of excavators, cranes and other engineering machinery without thinking. They are symbols representing Trinity in the eyes of most people, but they obviously can not fully interpret Trinity, This "non-traditional" traditional construction machinery enterprise actively challenges cross-border transformation and industrial upgrading. What is the different Trinity? In addition to its main business of engineering machinery manufacturing, what other novel fields does Sany have to show its strength? In addition to the hard power of "melting gold and forging iron", what other unusual soft power? Please slide your, let me tell you

Plant No.1 and No.18 - the largest intelligent plant in Asia plant No.18 is the general assembly workshop of Sany Heavy Industry, with multiple assembly lines for concrete machinery, pavement machinery, port machinery, etc. this workshop with a total area of about 100000 square meters is the largest and most advanced intelligent manufacturing workshop in Asia in the industry. Plant 18 is equipped with a large-scale computer system as the "command center". Through real-time monitoring of traditional operating tools and large-scale production equipment, every production process, every quality inspection and every worker's labor volume are recorded. The assembly area, high-precision machining area, structural parts area, vertical storage area and other major functional areas adopt intelligent and digital operation. The workshop with "high wisdom" is also the "teacher" of front-line workers. Workers who are not familiar with assembly operations can learn and understand the whole assembly process through digital simulation and three-dimensional operation guidance in the electronic screen

2. Sanxiang Bank - to be a century old shop, not to engage in speculative business

on December 26, 2016, Sanxiang bank, jointly initiated and established by 10 private enterprises such as Sany group and Hansen pharmaceutical, was officially listed for business. Sanxiang bank is the first private bank in Central China and the eighth private bank in China. It is also the first private bank in China to position the combination of industry and finance

"it is impossible for private banks to have the scale of state-owned banks, so they can only operate with characteristics and differentiation." Liangzaizhong, chairman of Sanxiang bank, introduced that Hunan Sanxiang bank is the only financial institution in China that relies on large-scale manufacturing industry and clearly proposes the combination of industry and finance. "It is clear that we will not focus on the laying point, because our main service target will still be enterprises." Liangzaizhong said that Sanxiang bank will focus on the five directions of high-end manufacturing, medicine and medical treatment, cultural tourism, new energy and new materials and government platform, and provide professional comprehensive financial services for various enterprises in the industrial chain ecosystem. "We will unswervingly operate finance as an industry, hoping to become a" century old shop ", rather than carrying out speculation with a financial license."

on July 14, 2017, China UnionPay officially approved Sanxiang bank to become a basic member of China UnionPay, which is a milestone event for Sanxiang bank, marking that Sanxiang bank's financial IC card debit card can be connected to China UnionPay, realizing interconnection, resource sharing and cross bank and cross regional use with China UnionPay member institutions

3. Jiulong Insurance - China's first IOT based insurance company

Jiulong insurance was opened on March 18, 2016. It was jointly sponsored by 15 shareholders, including Sany group, Zhuhai dahengqin Investment Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Huachuang Investment Management Co., Ltd. Jiulong insurance is deeply involved in the equipment manufacturing industry. It is the first insurance company based on IOT in China

"the positioning of professional insurance companies determines that we will not participate in the competition of vehicle insurance business," said the relevant leaders of Jiulong insurance. The comprehensive insurance companies that dominate the domestic insurance market mostly focus on vehicle insurance. Due to the diversity and complexity of risks in the equipment industry, few insurance companies go deep into this field. "We will be a new insurance company, deeply engaged in the equipment manufacturing industry. Jiulong insurance will rely on IOT and big data to provide customers with intelligent insurance service solutions." At present, Jiulong insurance has established stable cooperative relations with more than 200 equipment agents and repair shops nationwide, and developed and launched a series of equipment insurance products pioneered in the industry, such as excavator comprehensive insurance, road machinery comprehensive insurance, man hour index insurance, etc

it is reported that the premium income of Jiulong insurance exceeded one million within one month of its opening, and exceeded ten million by July 30 last year

4. Sany maker -- the cradle of Intelligent Manufacturing in the national level maker base

as a leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry, Sany not only continuously improves itself, but also actively gives back to the society, helping more small and micro enterprises achieve their dreams. Sany maker incubator has been formed in the wave of "made in China 2025" and "Internet +". As the start-up project of "Zhongzhi new town" built by SANY with an investment of 2billion yuan, Sany maker relies on the resources and brand advantages of Sany group to provide office space, professional consulting and counseling services for entrepreneurial teams. Considering that most innovative enterprises lack resources and experience, Sany has also provided the entrepreneurial team with "three docking" services of "docking capital, industrial chain, government and social resources" to help small and micro enterprises accelerate their growth and realize the transformation of achievements

Sany mass entrepreneurship initiated the establishment of Hunan venture capital fund with a scale of 350million yuan to provide excellent enterprises with financial service channels such as loans, guarantees, financing and listing guidance. Since the launch of Sany mass entrepreneurship incubator in January 2016, the number of incubated enterprises currently stands at 109 start-ups and entrepreneurial teams, and it is planned to double the number of enterprises settled in 2017. So far, the "sanxianghui" entrepreneurship roadshow has held 14 activities, and 94 well-known domestic investors have been invited to participate in the activities. 279 projects have been solicited, 148 roadshow projects have been participated in, and 47 projects have received intended investment, with an intended investment of about 140million yuan

5. Tree root interconnection - "in vitro incubation" builds the interconnection of all things

in February 2017, the core product of tree root interconnection - root cloud platform was officially released, and sany's "in vitro incubation" industrial interconnection projects began to emerge. Different from Sany's previous approach in the field of intelligent manufacturing, Sany only participated as an investor in the tree root interconnection project. Relying on the background of Sany Heavy Industry in the mechanical field, tree root interconnection mainly takes the machine as the object to interconnect all things, and establishes the digital model of the machine, including various equipment, machinery, etc. At the same time, taking the machine as the center and forming the whole life cycle management is also one of its core capabilities. After the chip is embedded in the machine, the root cloud platform can help the machine owner to clearly and dynamically master the operation of the whole life cycle of the machine, and provide solutions such as operation management. Its service objects are not only in the field of construction machinery, but also basically include all industrial enterprises in need

the tree root Internet industrial Internet platform has connected more than 230000 devices, collected more than 5000 operating parameters in real time, and provided customers with accurate big data analysis, prediction, operation support and business model innovation services

6. 3D remote-controlled excavator -- a necessary artifact for rescue in a no man's land

Sany has successfully developed an excavator with a remote-controlled stereo vision system. For the first time, it simulates on-site operation to the greatest extent through binocular 3D camera, servo system, front image, 360 degree panoramic image and audio wireless transmission, including visual, auditory and safety protection for plastic processing enterprises. In other words, the driver can remotely control the excavator no matter where he is, as long as he holds the remote control and a pair of special VR glasses

Sany remote control excavators are mainly used in the construction of earthquake relief, toxic environment, dangerous tunnels and other operations. Remote control excavators are used in many engineering operations in Hebei, Shanxi, Henan, Sichuan Mianyang and other places. The remote control technology has been used in Sany sy245h, sy215, sy365 and other excavator models. When the excavator is equipped with mature remote control technology, the excavation work can go deep into the more complex and dangerous working environment, and greatly improve the efficiency and safety of rescue work

7, Sany - the first "three proofs" of rock solid construction machinery can be used as a excavator and also can be used. This is Sany's skill

Sany has applied its spirit of pursuing excellent quality to manufacturing, creating a Sany with super strong three defense function. Sany was originally designed for operators in the construction machinery industry. It is suitable for field workers. After it was launched, it has been widely recognized and respected by the market and customers. The probability of Sany's return is less than 1.5%, which is a great achievement in the whole industry. Moreover, on june15,2015, Sany was also given to ambassadors and officials of 36 African countries as a designated gift for "China Africa friendship, Xiaoxiang trip"

8. Sany golden brewed beer -- a must for watching football

you are right. Sany also has its own brand of beer! Sany jinniang, a high-end business wine of Sany group, is expected to be launched in September. At the same time, Sany also sponsored the Premier League this season. At that time, Sany's brand advertising will appear in this international top football tournament. By staying up late to watch the ball, fans can not only see the Sany advertisement representing China National Red on the court and effectively link the pull value and sample gauge, but also taste the Sany jinniang beer with unique taste and aroma, which makes cheering more real. How can it mainly show that European and American Instrument Enterprises are stopping layoffs at the same time

Sany hopes to take advantage of the Premier League events to go to sea, so that more people can enjoy the beauty of made in China. At the same time, I hope you can appreciate the beauty of life when you brew the beer of Sany brand

On July 6, Premier Li Keqiang presided over a symposium on the economic situation. The Sany "excavator index" attracted much attention at this meeting. Starting from this index, economists judged that the economic situation in the first half of the year was stable and positive

Sany took the lead in collecting the real-time operation data of more than 200000 equipment through the precision sensors on the machine, creating the industry-famous Sany "excavator index". Through 9 years of accumulation, Sany "excavator index" has formed a poor demand for machine big data resources covering more than 5000 dimensions, outlining the real picture of infrastructure construction and becoming a barometer to observe the trend of fixed asset investment and even macro-economy. 200million pieces of big data resources with more than 40tb per day provide a reference for the prime minister to deploy the next step

10. Sany canteen - employees' favorite

in fact, you don't have to go far away, envy bat's canteen, or covet Google's big meal, because Sany has all these

as one of the largest staff canteens in the province, the staff canteen in Changsha industrial park serves an average of more than 6000 people every day. In order to ensure that employees eat healthily and at ease, the food materials are directly supplied by well-known suppliers, and 21 star chefs are equipped to carefully consider the variety of each meal to ensure that the dishes are not duplicate every day. From braised pork with plum dishes, Dongpo elbows, steamed pork with rice flour, fish head with chopped peppers, coriander beef, Jiwei prawns, Sany dishes, to dumplings in Northeast China, saozi noodles in old Shanxi, cold noodles with cold noodles in Sichuan, as well as Western-style cake bread, to the seasonal "consumption"

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