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Try the Dragon destroyer KP2 metal frenzy nine generation six core i5

as the third best-selling brand notebook in the market, its cost performance is still positive. Today, we bring you a new model of dragon hot selling game book: the Dragon destroyer KP2 metal frenzy nine generation six core IK gtx1060 6G unique RGB backlit keyboard game book. Let's take a look at the evaluation, configuration features and user comments on the advantages and disadvantages of this trial friend, I hope it can help you choose this notebook to participate in the entrance examination of many enterprises related to new materials

I. how about Dragon destroyer KP2? Is it easy to use

trial model: Dragon destroyer kp2

reference quotation: ¥ 8199.00 after viewing tmall's coupons

one week's trial experience:

(1) the price performance ratio is extremely high. The measured chicken eating high-quality fps110 and the CPU temperature of the toaster is 80 degrees. Considering that it is a 95w desktop CPU, this temperature is acceptable. In terms of appearance, it's just an ordinary game notebook. Of course, you can't expect too much. After all, there are gains and losses. The lightweight performance is certainly not good

(2) the computer runs well and can be moved by some mainstream games. At present, there are many tensile testing machines on the market for testing the tensile properties of materials. As long as the demand is not too high, it is OK. I feel that the USB interface is a little loose, and the pointer in the sensing area sometimes doesn't move

(3) very good 9 generation u. The machine looks like a world-class machine. It is handsome based on CPS. I like it very much. It is very good and fast

experience after three weeks' trial: Please click here to enter tmall store to view the detailed content introduction

II. Configuration features of dragon destroyer KP2:

eat chicken alone show gtx1060 6G alone show

nine generation six core i5 nine generation six core IK brazing welder hard polyurethane foam composite board external wall insulation system technology efficient heat dissipation

high color gamut IPS screen 72% color gamut IPS high-definition screen

III Advantages and disadvantages of dragon destroyer KP2 user comments:

(1) the screen was black just after I bought it, and I was speechless. Fortunately, the system will be installed. It is OK to reinstall a win10 professional version. Overall, it was pretty good. It will take some time to comment

(2) although the i5 ninth generation CPU is not as powerful as expected, it is perfect in all aspects in terms of workmanship and customer service attitude

(3) computer appearance: slightly different from the picture, the computer is silver, not pure white, but silver is more cool. The thickness of the game book is acceptable. The weight of the game book plus a power adapter as big and heavy as a brick is a little heavy. Computer configuration: the 9th generation i5 + 1066 feels that it should be enough for both games and office work. In the strong wind mode, the temperature of the graphics card is about 75~80 and cpu60 (the strong wind sound is a little loud). Cpu40~50 cannot be turned on when watching video normally. The frequency of the memory module is 2666, and the speed of the solid-state drive is shown in the figure. Master Lu easily broke 30W. It is indeed a very good notebook in the current position. It has high configuration, cool appearance and high cost performance. The double 11 has really been selected for a long time. If you want to buy a notebook, it is worth buying

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