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In recent years, the popularity of printers in China has increased at an alarming rate. Both ink cartridges and toner cartridges will face the problem of how to deal with them after their life cycle is exhausted. If the used ink cartridge is directly discarded into nature, the residual ink in the cartridge will pollute the soil and water. According to media reports, in 2008, the number of waste ink cartridges and toner cartridges in China exceeded 45million and 4million respectively. If these waste consumables can not be successfully recycled, they will become an important pollution source in the environment

at present, ink cartridge manufacturers attach great importance to environmental protection in the whole production process. Recently, I saw from the consumables factory of Tianjin Epson Co., Ltd. that this factory located in a relatively prosperous area in the city is very quiet and tidy. All ink cartridge production links have formulated strict process and operation standards to avoid problems at the source of pollution. And 2. Sensor of tensile testing machine: at the same time, this factory also has a special ink cartridge recycling workshop. After the waste ink cartridges are returned here, they will be decomposed, destroyed or recycled scientifically according to the characteristics of different materials. According to the Japanese head of the factory, general manager takeyama, in the 1930s and 1940s, there were some major environmental pollution incidents in Japan, which prompted the Japanese government to vigorously invest in environmental protection. These efforts also ran through the production links of all industries

in fact, in recent years, with the vigorous publicity and advocacy of the government and society, all walks of life in China have also paid more and more attention to the environmental pollution caused by printer consumables. China's "measures for pollution control and management of electric information products" and "requirements for the limit of toxic and harmful substances in electronic information products" also have strict provisions on green environmental protection products. If an enterprise produces green environmental protection products, it can mark the e mark. According to the general manager of Meishan, Epson brand ink cartridges and ribbon products produced after march1,2007 are marked with green and healthy e signs on their packages

at present, domestic and foreign printer enterprises in China are also carrying out waste recycling. In the field of electric vehicles, key strategic materials such as new energy materials, high-performance magnetic materials, high-performance fibers and composite materials, for example, Epson has established genuine consumer material recycling points nationwide since 2001 to recycle waste ink cartridges free of charge. In the face of major customers, it has signed a contract for door-to-door recycling to encourage users to pay attention to environmental protection. Some printer manufacturers also set up special ink cartridges and toner cartridges recycling boxes in their own stores

however, so far, only a small proportion of waste ink cartridges have been recycled by printer consumables manufacturers, which poses a major challenge to China's environmental protection work. Many consumers report that they don't know where to send the used ink cartridges, or that the way of recycling is very inconvenient, which objectively hinders the recycling of waste ink cartridges

obviously, it is far from enough to rely on the strength of one enterprise, and some international experiences are worth learning from. According to relevant media reports, last April, Epson, brother, Canon, Dell, HP and Lexmark, the six largest printer manufacturers in the Japanese market, cooperated with the Japanese postal system to recycle used printer cartridges from 3638 post offices across Japan. People can put the used ink cartridges produced by these six companies back into the recycling bin of the post office. This obviously greatly facilitates people's environmental protection actions

in addition, some insiders believe that China should strengthen the legislation on the recycling of ink cartridges, toner cartridges and other consumables, and promote the complete and standardized management mechanism of Guan cuilixin and his Shandong innovation group in the production, use and recycling of relevant consumables. By supporting printer manufacturers to recycle waste ink cartridges and toner cartridges for a fee and rewarding consumers for environmental protection actions, on the one hand, it can effectively promote the further improvement of national environmental protection awareness, on the other hand, it can combat the indistinct behavior of different colors of illegal businesses such as counterfeiting and shoddy, so as to create a healthy and orderly environment for the recycling and reuse of consumables

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