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The trillions of environmental protection industry strives for innovation by following the pulse of the times

Abstract: the spirit of hard work and social responsibility of the older generation of Zhejiang merchants are the most respected part of Jin Meng. "When the company holds small meetings, I often emphasize the need to inherit the fine traditions left by the older generation of Zhejiang businessmen." Said Jin Meng

in Paojiang economic and Technological Development Zone, Shaoxing City, driving eastward along Sanjiang Road, among numerous knitwear and textile enterprises, the door of Zhejiang Dechuang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dechuang environmental protection") with an inner diameter of seamless steel pipe above 6.0mm appeared

since its establishment in 2005, under the leadership of Jinmeng, chairman of the company, and his team, this environmental protection engineering enterprise has cut through difficulties and become one of the few companies in China that can not only produce honeycomb and plate catalysts, flue gas desulfurization and dust removal system equipment, but also provide professional solutions for the industrialization of desulfurization, denitration and dust removal engineering construction. Jin Meng himself was also selected as a new Zhejiang businessman in 2014, becoming an outstanding representative of the new generation of entrepreneurs in Zhejiang

"moral innovation means that both morality and innovation are emphasized. In the process of enterprise development, these two words are indispensable." Said Jin Meng. Believe in morality, pay attention to people-oriented management, and Dechuang insists on creating a better living space with every employee; Relying on innovation, step by step to tighten the industry trend, seize the opportunity, and Dechuang has stepped out of its own pace of development

eight years of entrepreneurship and transformation

screenshot exterior view of Zhejiang Dechuang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

the continuity of foreign mines is declining

Dechuang environmental protection is not the first business of Jinmeng. In 1997, after graduating from University, he planned to start his own business, cut into the power and fire protection industry, and established Shaoxing Deneng fireproof materials Co., Ltd

"after several years of development, we have gradually reached the forefront of the industry. At the same time, we also found that the growth space of this industry is smaller than we thought." Jin Meng introduced that transformation is inevitable, but what does transformation do? Jin Meng and his team started a lot of research

in the 21st century, the global environmental protection industry has entered a stage of rapid development and has gradually become an important force supporting the growth of industrial economic benefits. "In the 1990s, China's economic development was still an extensive economy at the expense of some environmental conditions, but in the new century, with the rapid economic development, the coordination between 'environmental pollution' and 'economic growth' has become the focus of economic development strategy research."

Jin Meng, who smelled the aroma of cake, was determined to develop in the direction of environmental protection among several alternative projects. In September, 2005, Zhejiang Dechuang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established

keep up with the pulse of the times and seek innovation

scientific and technological innovation realized by the seismic isolation technology of the terminal building of Kunming new airport in the great historical process of reform and opening up, the national and social concept of environmental protection has been improving and strengthening

In October, 2005, the national development and Reform Commission issued several opinions on accelerating the industrialization of flue gas desulfurization in thermal power plants, proposing to establish and improve the market supervision system for the industrialization of flue gas desulfurization in thermal power plants through three years' efforts. At the same time, we will continue to support the development of desulfurization technology with independent intellectual property rights

from the beginning, Dechuang environmental protection responded to the national industrial policy and studied the localization of environmental protection desulfurization equipment. "The year 2004 was a very strong year for air pollution control in China. The promulgation and implementation of a series of policies and regulations greatly promoted the desulfurization process of thermal power plants." Jin Meng told me. However, at that time, most of the desulfurization equipment were imported. Dechuang took this opportunity to constantly adapt to changes and innovate, from flue gas desulfurization spray pipe to vacuum belt dehydrator to single shaft double shutter flue gas damper door, and created a number of high-tech products in Zhejiang Province and new provincial industrial products, effectively meeting the market demand

at about the same time, the State Environmental Protection Administration also plans to set a total amount control target for nitrogen oxides and gradually carry out flue gas denitration in thermal power plants. With experience, Dechuang environmental protection, in combination with the development history and trend of foreign environmental protection industry, began to layout denitration products, set up production lines, pilot production and finally went online

up to now, Dechuang environmental protection has formed a series of industrial products including desulfurization equipment, denitration catalyst, dust removal equipment, ultra-low emission, water treatment, etc., and has undertaken more than 10 science and technology projects above the provincial level, including 2 national key new product plan projects, 1 national torch plan project, 2 national innovation fund projects and a number of provincial science and technology plan projects

"the development of the company's business is synchronized with the national requirements for the environment, especially for the pollution control of thermal power plants." Jin Meng said, "before every opportunity comes, we are ready for innovation."

take on the role of inheriting the spirit of Zhejiang merchants

in the screenshot year, Dechuang environmental protection A shares were listed (the fourth on the left is Jinmeng)

2014 was a harvest year for Jinmeng. This year, the company realized a net profit of more than 80million yuan, and Dechuang environmental protection, which has completed the share reform, applied for IPO for the first time; Also in this year, Jin Mengrong won the title of top ten new Zhejiang businessmen and became an outstanding representative of the new generation of entrepreneurs in Zhejiang

"the awards were held in the Great Hall of the provincial people." Jin Meng recalled that Li Tiantian, the founder of dingxiangyuan, Chen Qi, the founder of mushroom street, and others won the prize with him. "I am very glad that you have won this title because you have recognized your past achievements. However, I also tell myself that we must be more strict with ourselves, be diligent and enterprising, and undertake more social responsibilities while promoting Dechuang environmental protection to create more brilliance, so as to burst out the latest Zhejiang businessmen."

the spirit of hard work and social responsibility of the older generation of Zhejiang Merchants is the most respected part of Jin Meng. "When the company holds small meetings, I often emphasize the need to inherit the fine traditions left by the older generation of Zhejiang businessmen." Said Jin Meng

at present, the eight trillion industries are reshaping Zhejiang's industrial structure and becoming the leader in the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. As a member of the trillion yuan environmental protection industry, Jin Meng is very clear about his goals and responsibilities. "To a certain extent, the development of the environmental protection industry is policy driven and closely related to the degree of local economic development." Jin Meng said that over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, Zhejiang's economy has taken the lead in the country. "Both the industrial atmosphere and supporting Zhejiang are very strong, and Dechuang environmental protection is lucky to grow in this soil. What we need to do is to continue to innovate and develop, refine and strengthen the industry, and make the theory that 'green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains' more vivid and full in Zhejiang and the environmental protection industry."

according to Jin Meng, Dechuang started in manufacturing, then developed the project general contracting, and is committed to the environmental protection industry chain. The State Council decided to establish the national leading group for the development of new material industry. "Enterprise development includes endogenous innovation and external capital assistance. While adhering to innovation, we will also use the power of capital to do some integration in the industry, expand ourselves and promote the benign development of the industry."

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