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From May 25 to 27, three Chinese enterprises, namely SDIC, Sany group and CRCC equipment, were invited to South Africa for a three-day inspection visit, which was warmly received by President Zuma of South Africa. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on the development of housing industrialization, energy, transportation and other fields, and jointly discussed further expanding international production capacity cooperation. During this period, Sany overseas's first model house applying the building industrialization technology was completed in Johannesburg, South Africa, providing a new idea for South Africa to speed up the construction of affordable housing

President Zuma of South Africa must operate entrepreneurs on a level and stable platform to meet with China

President Zuma meets with Chinese entrepreneurs

on May 26 local time, President Zuma met with mengzhenping, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the leading Party group of the State Power Investment Corporation, liangwengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry and other Chinese entrepreneurs. Zuma said that China and South Africa enjoy friendly relations and there is broad space for cooperation. South Africa hopes to learn from China's development experience, strengthen cooperation with Chinese enterprises, scientific research institutions and technical departments, welcome Chinese enterprises to invest in infrastructure engineering and other fields, transfer China's technology, process and high-quality production capacity in the equipment manufacturing industry to the local area, help South Africa improve its industrialization level, create employment opportunities and improve the living standards of the South African people. Subsequently, the Minister of transport and the Minister of public works of South Africa held talks with Chinese entrepreneurs respectively, and discussed and exchanged views on cooperation in infrastructure construction in South Africa

in recent years, South Africa and China have achieved unprecedented good relations. The two countries not only belong to the BRICs, but also South Africa is located at the other end of the "maritime Silk Road". China has become South Africa's largest trading partner, export market and import source for seven consecutive years. The "the Belt and Road" circle of friends has made South Africa one of the five key beneficiary countries in the next decade

Chinese enterprises have also achieved good development in South Africa. Take Sany, a leading Chinese construction machinery enterprise, as an example. After ten years of development, Sany's South African subsidiary has accumulated sales of more than 200million US dollars, and has more than 1000 sets of equipment. It has participated in key construction projects in South Africa, such as kusile power plant and Transnet container depot, and is deeply trusted by the local market

Chinese enterprises work together to help South Africa develop and improve the level of local industrialization

South Africa is one of the countries with a high degree of industrialization in Africa. It attaches great importance to its own industrialization process. At the same time, it has huge demand in the fields of housing, transportation, energy and other infrastructure and industrial construction

according to the data, residential construction projects are the top priority of current construction in South Africa. The South African government, especially the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, is promoting the "catalytic project" to improve the housing conditions of the poor people. The goal is to achieve the manufacturing of 150 test samples and 10000 affordable housing units as important as the testing accuracy of the universal material testing machine itself by 2019. In terms of energy, solving the problem of power supply, especially clean power supply, has become a huge challenge for South Africa. p>

three Chinese enterprises, namely SDIC, Sany group and CRCC equipment, were invited to South Africa for investigation. They have advantages in the above fields and have formed complementary advantages with their respective strengths. "We are willing to work with Chinese partners and local partners in South Africa to participate in and promote infrastructure construction in South Africa." Liang Wengen said

Sany and other Chinese enterprises visited South Africa for cooperation in various fields

it is worth mentioning that during this visit, Sany group completed its first overseas PC model house, providing a new idea for South Africa to speed up the delivery of affordable housing. This model house is a classic type of affordable housing in South Africa. It uses Sany advanced residential industrialization technology and takes only 7 days to complete. It not only has fast speed, low cost, greatly increased service life and quality, but also has high environmental protection benefits in the construction process

Dr. mahaki of the South African National Building Council said that the Sany model house is very beautiful, and its structure and construction method fully meet the requirements of the South African National Building Council

"I hope our South African friends can be filled with a happy smile when they live in such a house. That is our greatest recognition, our beautiful original intention and our greatest wish." Tangxiuguo, President of Sany group, expressed his wishes to the South African people with the Chinese idiom "live and work in peace" and hoped that Sany would make contributions to the great project of affordable housing construction in South Africa

in order to better provide technical services, Sany will set up a residential industrialization R & D center in South Africa to realize localized production and manufacturing, transfer the imported equipment technology for the important accessories of the machine in the residential industry to South Africa, and provide more jobs for South Africa

Sany Group signed a cooperation agreement with South African Transport Group

Sany Group signed a cooperation agreement with South African Transport Group

in addition, during the investigation, Sany group also signed a cooperation agreement with South African Transport Group. The two sides will cooperate in ports, localized manufacturing of logistics equipment, etc

in addition to engineering machinery, Sany also has strong strength in energy equipment. It not only has the wind turbine manufacturing technology with a complete industrial chain, but also realized the joint power generation of the first photovoltaic project this year. These clean energy manufacturing and development technologies can be introduced into the South African market. In the future, Sany group will cooperate with South Africa in many aspects, such as housing industrialization, energy equipment, smart port construction, talent and technology exchange, so as to promote the common economic development of bilateral social economy, technical equipment and other fields

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