The Lantern Festival kicked off. Jane Eyre Paul's

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Lantern Festival, good luck! Jane epaul's 2016 "monkey race thunder" is more prosperous and prosperous

the sheep say goodbye to the old year, the mountain Peiyu, and the monkey receives the new year's day

in the twinkling of an eye, the excitement of the new year is gradually gone. Today, the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first month, Jane eypaul's home officially started! After a happy, peaceful and relaxed Spring Festival holiday, we returned to work again and gathered at this time of spring and festivity

the monkey in the year of the monkey sailei Jane aipaul home wishes everyone a good start

here, Jane aipaul home sends New Year greetings to all dealer partners and new and old customers! Thank you for your recognition and support of Jane eypaul home, and wish you and Jane eypaul another success and glory in the New Year

after the completion of the Spring Festival, we set off firecrackers again,

the red light cage hanging high happily smiles in the spring breeze,

in response to the crackling sound of firecrackers,

means that the new year is red and red

welcome the God of wealth, The God of wealth said, "whoever takes me away will make a fortune! "

everyone has a share in the red envelope at the beginning of the New Year!

looking back on 2015: we are not afraid of hardships, United, and achieved fruitful results, which is gratifying; all the moves, sweat, achievements, and experience in this year are the precious wealth accumulated by Jane eypaul home.

looking forward to 20116:

the new year, new hopes, and new cultivation, let us unite as one, work with one heart and one mind, be brave in exploration, and strive for success in the new year , jointly write a new chapter of Jane eypaul home... In 2016, Jane eypaul home officially set sail

Thanksgiving, everything has you! Even the wind and rain are companions! In the new year, I wish you all to march forward and surpass your dreams with passion and imagination, full of energy and vitality! Jane eypaul home wishes you a happy Lantern Festival

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