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Classical style home decoration design concept: classical style is an idea based on European or Chinese tradition, with gorgeous, quiet and elegant characteristics

after being confused by various home styles, many people now miss the traditional Chinese home style again. Thick doors, Ming style benches, hand embroidered paintings, antique porcelain, bamboo Bogu shelves... These things make people seem to enter a world filled with traditional cultural atmosphere. It also takes a lot of thought to decorate a traditional Chinese home. It is not simple to place a few master chairs and a mahogany table to create an ancient style. What's more, the current Chinese home furnishing pays attention to injecting the essence of tradition into modern home furnishings

the first impression of Chinese classical style is simplicity, which is unique to Chinese style. Hollowed out partitions, wooden floors, dark red sofas, the main color is black walnut, and the rich historical flavor sends out the unique charm of Chinese ancient tolerance. Being in it, it seems that there are countless stories to tell

in fact, it's not difficult to decorate in classical style. Take a look at the classical home style collected by Xiaobian for you. It's absolutely shocking. Dreamy classical decoration is not difficult




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