How can family decoration be economical and afford

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1. Before home decoration, it should be planned carefully. Careful planning and perfect design avoid the problem of repairing while changing during the construction process, which is the first way to save money. 2. Adopt "e; Make the finishing touch " Methods. Where key decoration is needed, high-grade materials can be selected for fine construction; The decoration of other parts should adopt simple and lively methods, with common materials and simple workmanship. 3. Relying on decoration companies is also a shortcut to save money. Decoration companies have fixed outlets in the selection of materials, and the materials are of high price; Experienced in construction and fine workmanship; There are supporting services and quality assurance. Therefore, it is better not to directly invite workers to construct by yourself, which may save money on the surface, but may actually cause greater economic losses due to your wrong choice. 4. Follow the rules and check the budget and final accounts. It is inevitable to change and modify during the construction process. If there is any change and modification, the process record should be made with reference to the original project list, so that the increase and decrease items can be cleared in the final accounts. 5. Material budget and decoration cost allocation: take the decoration cost of 50000 yuan (medium level) for an ordinary two bedroom and one living room as an example. Generally, the base price of labor cost of decoration companies is about 20000 yuan, plus some unpredictable expenses of 5000 yuan, and the material cost is actually about 25000 yuan. At present, people are based on the pursuit of comfort, and the reasonable allocation proportion of material costs is: bathroom and kitchen account for 45%, hall 35%, bedroom 20%. 6. Preparation of construction period: take two rooms and one living room as an example. Under normal circumstances, the construction period is generally about 20 days. If some other factors are included, such as changing the design scheme, it is also up to 30 days. Generally speaking, construction in winter and rainy season should be avoided, because it will affect the construction quality, fail to achieve the expected effect, and cause unnecessary disputes. If the decorator's moral quality is poor, heating with gas, electricity, etc. in winter and heating in time for the construction period will also cause danger




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