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From August 10 to 12, 2018, the 26th China (Shanghai) wallpaper/wallpaper/curtain and home soft decoration exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center! All previous exhibitions have achieved great success and high turnover, and have been highly recognized by domestic and foreign exhibitors and colleagues in the wallpaper and wall fabric industry. It is committed to becoming the first exhibition of Asian wallpaper worthy of the name. This time, the home hotline www.jia400 Com made a magnificent appearance in the Shanghai wallpaper wall exhibition, looking for the advantages and highlights of major brands in the exhibition, exploring the influence of enterprises, and drawing an industry blueprint

interview guest: Wang Futing, general manager of Hangzhou gebaolai decorative materials Co., Ltd.

booth No.: Hall W3 B18

Huiya - Home hotline: what are the characteristics or new process technologies of your company's current product research and development? Please answer the mystery for the dealer friend

president Wang: innovation is Yafei wallcovering's consistent adherence, and it is also the driving force supporting Yafei's long-term high-speed and stable development. This year, Yafei wallcovering was awarded the honor of "2018 China's top ten innovative wallcovering brands" by China home decoration building materials Association, which is also the recognition of Yafei brand. At the Beijing Exhibition in March 2018, Yafei launched more than a dozen versions of original new products at one time, which is rare in the entire wallcovering industry, demonstrating the R & D and innovation strength of Yafei wallcovering. At this Shanghai wallcovering exhibition, Yafei wallcovering will maintain its innovative style and continue to guide the innovative development of the industry

Huiya home hotline: what measures does Yafei have in brand promotion this year? What role has it played

president Wang: Yafei wallcovering has devoted more energy and material resources to product research and development, service optimization, dealer terminal assistance, etc. After all, what consumers and dealers want is good products and high-quality services, which is what Yafei wallcovering is committed to improving and can do. Yafei wallcovering does not deliberately pursue a certain marketing method, but Yafei wallcovering still has a big move in marketing. The Beijing Exhibition in March, the brand upgrade press conference in April, the national tour conference in June, the establishment of Yafei business school, the establishment of cooperation with Tencent home, and the subsequent CCTV cooperation will play a strong role in promoting and promoting Yafei brand

Huiya home hotline: at present, the channel activities in the industry are increasing, and the industry is paying more attention to core competitiveness. How do you treat it

president Wang: no matter how the competitiveness of new channels or old channels is improved, one thing will not change, that is, consumers' pursuit of high-quality products and services. In the process of developing new channels and improving its comprehensive competitiveness, Yafei's adherence to brand, quality and service will not change

Huiya home hotline: what achievements has Yafei achieved in the past six months

president Wang: the good performance in the past six months is based on Yafei's long-term adherence and efforts to branding and the systematic development of terminal assistance. There are two main achievements. One is the significant increase in brand influence, and the other is the significant increase in the profitability of terminal stores

Huiya home hotline: finally, please write your blessings and expectations for China (Shanghai) International wallpaper fabric art and home soft decoration Expo

president Wang: China (Shanghai) International wallpaper fabric art and home furnishing fair is a powerful and effective exhibition and exchange platform for the home furnishing industry, especially the wallpaper industry. Yafei wallpaper has been participating in the exhibition since 2014, looking forward to its development towards a more high-end and more branded direction. I also wish China (Shanghai) International wallpaper fabric art and home furnishing fair a better and better future




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