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At present, with the rapid development of the Internet, online shopping has become one of the major methods most expected by consumers. Based on this, many door and window manufacturers are involved in e-commerce in order to adapt to the spending habits of consumers and seize a broader shopping mall. However, compared with other manufacturers such as clothing and household appliances, the development of e-commerce of door and window brands is relatively "special", and the problems they need to solve are more messy than other occupations

door and window brands "touch the net" have a lot of challenges

in terms of the current general trend, whether for businesses or consumers, door and window brands "touch the net" is a virtue, which can not only save costs but also adapt to the trend, which is undoubtedly a survival law for the depressed door and window shopping malls. However, with regard to the e-commerce effect of the door and window industry, some of the door and window brands that have been involved show that it is a trend and inevitable to join the e-commerce force. However, e-commerce is like a double-edged sword. Time is related to the safety of circulation channels

the particularity of door and window goods is different from other occupations, and "touching the net" will cause many specific problems: first, consumers can't get satisfied spending experience online, and then they can't accurately grasp the volume and texture of goods, which will affect their purchasing decisions; Second, the door and window brand has the particularity of large volume, difficult transportation and easy damage. Therefore, it is expensive to return and exchange goods and the cost is high. In particular, logistics costs; In addition, door and window commodities have high requirements for logistics and after-sales, and the process is messy. It is difficult for manufacturers to deal with the relationship between after-sales, logistics and the original offline channels

o2o helps e-commerce of doors and windows achieve win-win results

now, in the case of more people and less porridge, how to find an effective way for door and window brands seems to be the focus of the manufacturer's strategic deployment. Now, o2o seems to be the best sales form of door and window industry, that is, online stores and offline physical stores interact and cooperate to form a community of interests. On the whole, this form is feasible and can achieve the role of "three wins"

o2o form must reduce the dependence of door and window stores on the geographical location of stores to a certain extent. For consumers, o2o provides rich, complete and timely business discount information, which can facilitate the selection and ordering of appropriate goods or services, with affordable prices. For door and window brands, o2o form can bring large-scale high viscosity consumers, and then win more consumer capital

in general, compared with traditional promotion methods, the o2o form of seamless connection between door and window e-commerce and offline physical stores has significant advantages. This not only makes it convenient for manufacturers to expand channels and shopping malls at low cost in a short time, but also provides consumers with cheaper goods, richer choices and faster shopping methods

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