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See a doctor to find an acquaintance, work to find an acquaintance, decoration to find an acquaintance? Many consumers reported that they were cheated during the decoration, and there were many uncompleted projects. Insiders reminded that when decorating, we must carefully choose the decoration company, sign the contract and standardize various matters. Although saving money but consuming energy, the owner Mr. Yan's new house is being renovated, but the project is not more than half, he wondered, "now my relatives are helping me decorate, the money is indeed saved a lot, but today to buy wires, tomorrow to buy water pipes, time and energy are consumed in the building materials market, business has no time to take into account." Mr. Yan said helplessly. It turns out that since the day of construction, Mr. Yan and his family have started to go back and forth between the decoration site and the building materials market. Paint, glue paint, sanitary ware, ceramic tiles... Most of the decoration methods used to find acquaintances, that is, the owners are responsible for all materials, while friends are only responsible for construction. The owner needs to spend a lot of time visiting the market, understanding the market and selecting materials, including not only the main materials such as tiles and cabinets, but also the auxiliary materials with small amount and a wide variety. The cost of time and energy will naturally increase a lot. The decoration company usually uses half package for decoration, and the auxiliary materials are provided by the company, which can save the owner's time and energy. Compared with the decoration of acquaintances, the decoration company has more auxiliary material costs, management costs and maintenance costs. The price is indeed higher than the former, but the time cost saved for customers is incalculable. The design level is not satisfactory. The owner Mr. Zhang found an acquaintance to decorate. Although the craftsmanship of the master is not to be said, the design level is not flattering, especially the design theme of the living room is not obvious, the color matching is not coordinated, and the background modeling is not proportional. Originally, it was a luxury house with an area of more than 140 square meters, but the unsatisfactory design made Mr. Zhang feel that the house was really out of reach. Compared with regular decoration companies, there are no professional designers in the construction team, let alone design renderings. The whole decoration is often planned while construction. The design of a house can be said to be pieced together, lacking systematicness. In addition, these "Acquaintances" in the mouth of the owners often do not accept new materials and new processes enough. The materials and applied processes they are familiar with are often popular a few years ago. Look for "Acquaintances" to decorate. Beware of "killing Acquaintances". Before Mr. he got the key to his new house, a friend with several years of experience in decoration photographed his chest: "your house is wrapped in me, and you are guaranteed to get the lowest price." In fact, friends are really very enthusiastic. When buying tiles, floors and cabinets, friends took the initiative to introduce familiar merchants to him, and every household gave him the "lowest price in the market". However, when buying paint, Mr. he inadvertently found that the price given to him by his friend's friend was not cheap, and it was not as affordable as bargaining by himself. However, due to the face of his acquaintances, Mr. he clearly knew that the price was a little high, but also due to face, he didn't bargain. Many owners have looked for decoration companies before decoration, but because the quotation is too high, they turn to acquaintances. But in fact, the home decoration industry also has the problem of "killing familiar people", especially if the acquaintance in charge of decoration is a friend of a friend, it seems that he has a good relationship on the surface, but in fact it is "not familiar but not eaten". Due to the friendship, even if consumers are dissatisfied with the construction quality and budget price, it is hard to say anything. Various disputes and contradictions have not been reduced due to the decoration of acquaintances. More importantly, most of the decoration acquaintances have not signed formal decoration contracts, and the construction technology and material selection only rely on oral agreements. If there is a dispute, consumers who want to protect their rights will be in a dilemma due to the lack of evidence





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