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Behind my house is a road, opposite to the building. The construction workers started early in the morning. Coupled with being close to the road, they quarreled all day long. Because the sound insulation of doors and windows at home is not good, it is difficult to be quiet at home for a while. On a day that should have been in a good mood, they quarreled so much that they were not in a mood, but were irritable. Over time, people's character became explosive and dry. Noise will seriously affect people's physical and mental health, so we have to pay attention to this problem. In recent years, many household products have adopted the concept of silence, such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, curtains, etc., but these have not had a good effect on the whole family, which can not prevent external noise from entering the room. Then, how to solve the problem of external noise

12 years, Kangying doors and windows has opened its mind. In the fierce market competition, Kangying doors and windows, relying on its in-depth insight into the needs of consumers, pioneered the silent door and window category in the door and window industry, implemented the new mainstream quiet life brand marketing strategy, and invested 100% of its heart in developing different series of silent door and window products for people to live a healthy and quiet living environment at home, To meet the pursuit and enjoyment of a higher quality of life for elite groups, Kangying is the country's first leading brand of silent doors and windows. Since the launch of Kangying silent doors and windows, it has been recognized and supported by the majority of consumers, and has attracted the attention of people from many countries at home and abroad

in recent years, many aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers have followed suit to imitate and manufacture silent doors and windows. Kangying's leading brand of silent doors and windows has been imitated and never surpassed





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