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WOW! The top ten anti sky heavy equipment made in China, the real domestic strength faction

marvel! Among the top ten anti sky heavy equipment made in China, the real domestic strength group

China Construction machinery information

Introduction: in recent years, China's heavy machinery manufacturing level has made great progress, and China's heavy equipment is found all over the world. China is a large manufacturing country in the world. Now it has long been rid of labor-intensive industries and turned to the field of high-end heavy equipment manufacturing, and has taken the lead in this field, surpassing European and American countries

the era of China's top machine manufacturers has opened. When China's machine manufacturing capacity is more and more solid and steadily rising to the high end, the ability of innovation also began to appear on a large scale. Here will show the innovation power brought by industrial upgrading and how innovation drive can help Chinese enterprises step by step to the world's high-end manufacturing field

the following is a typical representative of China's top ten heavy equipment

first, the heavy crane of Zhenhua Port Machinery participated in the construction of the U.S. Navy zhumwalt class destroyer

the superstructure Island weighing 1000 tons was lifted

the destroyer is a new generation of destroyers of the US Navy, also known as jumwalt class destroyers. It can launch Tomahawk land attack cruise missiles and other types of missiles

it is worth noting that when the United States disclosed the construction of the new generation jumwalt class destroyer, the words SPMC were also on the crane lifting the superstructure of the warship. SPMC is the English name of the former Shanghai Port Machinery Co., Ltd. and has been acquired by Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd

II. Hoisting the new generation of large aircraft carrier of the British Navy by Chinese gantry crane

at the grand and solemn naming ceremony of the British navy, the heavy gantry crane used for assembly in the dock where the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth is located was impressively printed with the Chinese characters of Shanghai Zhenhua

The bridge crane used in the construction of Elizabeth class aircraft carrier in China is manufactured and provided by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

the development of renewable resources industry on the ship where the aircraft carrier queen is located is one of the important contents of developing circular economy industry in China. The heavy gantry crane for dock assembly is prominently printed with the Chinese characters of Shanghai Zhenhua

the queen of England aircraft carrier adopts the sectional modular construction method. Firstly, the aircraft carrier sections or large parts are built by a single shipyard, and then transported to the dock for assembly. In the whole process of aircraft carrier construction, the Chinese Bridge Crane plays the role of the mainstay of aircraft carrier hoisting. The hoisting of large components such as ship Island, bulbous bow and sliding jump deck is completed by using this Chinese bridge crane, which can be said to have made great contributions

III. China's large mining dump trucks are exported to Europe and America

what kind of car is cool? I'm sorry, it's too far from our protagonist today. The 16 cylinder and 18 cylinder engine is only standard, with a displacement of 60 or 70 liters and a maximum power of 3000.1 watts. Is such a car windy enough? It's not a car at all

strictly speaking, they should be engineering machinery, Some people also call them giant cars and super trucks. They are Big Macs in cars and large mining dump trucks

the mining dump truck produced by XCMG group is the largest mining dump truck in the world, that is, the largest car on earth

Large Mining Dump Truck

Xuzhou Construction Machinery Research Institute has developed and produced since June 2016. It is currently the world's largest mining truck with a load capacity of 400 metric tons and a lifting time of 24 seconds. It adopts advanced AC transmission system and imported environment-friendly electronically controlled high-performance diesel engine with strong power. The frame with box section structure is made of high-strength and high-quality alloy steel plate and steel castings. Intelligent braking technology to prevent misoperation

ergonomic cab is comfortable and safe. The whole vehicle is equipped with automatic weighing system, centralized fire extinguishing system, rapid oil injection system, automatic lubrication system and various safety equipment to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the whole vehicle

IV. the world's largest container ship made in China, Zhonghai Huanqiu

the world's largest container ship, Zhonghai Huanqiu, arrived at felixto port in Suffolk, southeast England. The huge cargo ship attracted countless onlookers as soon as it arrived

China Shipping global cargo ship is 400 meters long, 54 meters wide and about 10 stories high. Its hull exceeds four standard football fields, which is equivalent to the displacement of two Liaoning ships

China Shipping universal

promoting the further large-scale and super large-scale of ships is a new trend in the international liner industry under the new normal of the current global economy and shipping market, It is also implemented by China Shipping Group "It is an important measure to promote the healthy development strategy of China's shipping industry, optimize the fleet structure and enhance international competitiveness.

foreigners are silly. When they arrive, they are full of full containers, but when they leave, the containers are empty, which is the current situation of the UK economy.

don't buy made in China, but the result is that there are cheap Chinese products everywhere in the UK, and people are still frantically snapping up and bargaining, which is sad.

v. made in China The world's first fourth generation high temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power plant built by China

the world's first high temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power plant with the characteristics of fourth generation nuclear power independently developed by China resumed construction at Huaneng Shidaowan nuclear power plant located in Rongcheng City, Shandong Province, on the east coast of China

Shidaowan nuclear power station is jointly built by Huaneng Group, Tsinghua University and China nuclear construction group. It is the first demonstration power station of high temperature gas cooled reactor with independent intellectual property rights in China and the first commercial scale demonstration power station of modular high temperature gas cooled reactor with safety characteristics of the fourth generation nuclear power system in the world; It is planned to invest 4 billion yuan to build a 200000 kW High temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power unit, which is expected to be put into operation before the end of 2017

major national science and technology project - Huaneng Shandong Shidaowan nuclear power plant

China's nuclear power technology has always relied on imports from abroad, but the Shidaowan high temperature gas cooled reactor demonstration project has been independently developed by Tsinghua University. As the world's first modular high temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power plant under construction, it is also the world's first nuclear power plant with higher safety and the technical characteristics of the fourth generation nuclear power. The completion of the project is of great significance to promote the technological progress of China's nuclear energy utilization and occupy the commanding heights of the world's future nuclear power technology

VI. the world's first satellite ground laser communication - space high-speed information transmission

with more than 20 years of persistence and perseverance, the team of Ma Jing and Tan Liying has realized the rapid acquisition, stable tracking and high-quality communication of satellite ground laser link, which has laid an engineering and technical foundation for the establishment of space laser high-speed real-time information network in China

satellite ground laser communication

Beijing Great Hall of the people, the national science and technology award conference was held. Ma Jing, a professor at Harbin Institute of technology, stepped onto the podium and received the first prize certificate of the National Technological Invention Award from the premier

the team of Ma Jing and Tan Liying successfully carried out the satellite ground laser link communication test, which is an important milestone in the development history of China's satellite communication technology, marking that China is in the forefront of the world in the cutting-edge field of space high-speed information transmission

China has carried out experiments on satellite ground laser communication on the ocean 2 satellite

how difficult is it to realize satellite ground laser communication? Imagine how accurate bi-directional extremely narrow beams in the order of microradian can be aligned with each other at a distance of nearly 2000 kilometers between a satellite moving at a high speed of 28000 kilometers per hour and a ground station

the so-called satellite laser communication is to use the "laser beam" to link the satellite with the satellite and the satellite with the ground, and carry out high-speed information transmission through the laser. The information transmission capacity of satellite laser communication is much greater than that of microwave satellite communication. It can effectively solve the data transmission bottleneck brought by the development of modern satellite technology, form a space laser high-speed real-time information network, and make the satellite have unprecedented information transmission capacity

7. China has built 2400 meters of the world's deepest underground laboratory for dark matter research

China Jinping underground laboratory will be expanded into one of the world's largest underground laboratories

China Jinping underground laboratory, located in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, is the deepest underground laboratory in the world with a vertical rock coverage of 2400 meters

the world's deepest underground laboratory has been put into use in China

China Jinping underground laboratory, located in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, is currently the world's deepest underground laboratory

dark matter does not emit light, nor does it emit electromagnetic radiation. It is invisible to the naked eye. Even so far, human instruments have not detected it, but scientists are aware of the existence of dark matter through the effect of gravity

particle physicists all over the world are exploring dark matter through experiments to find direct evidence of its existence

8. The speed of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway is 486.1 kilometers per hour, which is the highest speed of high-speed railway in the world

in the joint commissioning and comprehensive test of the 220 kilometer pilot section between Zaozhuang and Bengbu of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, the new generation of domestic harmony high-speed EMU ran out of the maximum operating speed of 486.0 kilometers per hour. China's high-speed railway has once again set the highest speed in the world's railway operation test

think of the first small railway in China. In 1865, British businessman Durand built a mile long "exhibition Railway" German small railway along the moat outside Xuanwu Gate in Beijing, which was the earliest railway in China

at that time, did we ever think about China today? China has now built a high-speed railway network with the largest scale, quality and efficiency in the world. China's high-speed railway has become synonymous with high-speed railway

IX. the world's largest water turbine generator unit made in China

the rotor of unit 1 of Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station on Jinsha River, the world's largest single unit capacity, was successfully hoisted in place and entered the general assembly link

this is the first unit put into operation in the Jinsha River hydropower development project of China Three Gorges group. The power station is the largest single unit capacity hydro generator unit in the world

10. The only manned space station on earth made in China in the 21st century

China Manned Space Station, referred to as China space station, is a space laboratory system with Chinese characteristics assembled in orbit. Specifically, it refers to the manned space station to be implemented in the last step of China's manned space project officially launched in October 2010. It is a national space laboratory with large scale and long-term participation. The plan will be implemented around 2020. Therefore, this huge manned space project is also known as China's manned space station project

the implementation process of the project plan can be divided into two stages: space laboratory and space station

before 2016, develop and launch the space laboratory, break through and master the key technologies of the space station such as the medium-term presence of astronauts, and carry out space applications on a certain scale. Around 2020, develop and launch the core module and experimental module, assemble them into a manned space station in orbit, break through and master the construction and operation technology of the near earth space station assembly and the long-term manned flight technology of near earth space, And carry out large-scale space applications

the international space station will be decommissioned in 2020. At that time, China's manned space station will become the only manned space station in space广州养血生发胶囊多久有效

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