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Guarding urban building waterproof Beixin Yuwang wind and rain

guarding urban building waterproof Beixin Yuwang wind and rain

December 17, 2019

with the increasing pace of urban construction

more and more buildings have sprung up

and the safety and quality of underground facilities are also particularly important

like trees, the more they yearn for higher sunlight

its "roots" are more solid Hidden deep underground

as the "root" of the city, the leakage of underground comprehensive pipe gallery has always been a problem that puzzles the "root of the city" project quality and requires more patience

how to effectively solve the waterproof problem

fundamentally reduce potential safety hazards and prolong the service life of the pipe gallery

high quality waterproof products + exquisite construction skills

are indispensable

in order to promote the construction of underground comprehensive pipe gallery in an orderly manner

ensure urban safety

improve urban functions

beautify urban landscape

devote themselves to studying

develop a variety of waterproof series products suitable for pipe gallery facilities

guard the "root of the city"


the project is located in Huilong Avenue, high tech Zone, Chengdu, with a total length of 1103.949 meters and a red line width of 40 meters. It mainly includes roads, transportation, bridges, comprehensive pipe gallery, drainage, shallow power ditch, lighting, communication, green landscape and other projects. The construction of comprehensive pipe gallery will play an important role in meeting the basic needs of people's livelihood and improving the comprehensive bearing capacity of the city

many products of Siping underground complex need to test the finished products. The project is located in Tiexi District, Siping City, Jilin Province, including three lines: Shiyuan North Road, Shiyuan West Street and Dongfeng Road. It will be used for the centralized laying of municipal pipelines such as power, communication, water supply and gas, which can effectively solve the problems of waterlogging and "road zipper", and improve the safety level and disaster prevention and resilience of urban pipelines

different pull ranges

Changsha underground integrated pipe gallery

the project is the first batch of pilot projects of underground integrated pipe gallery in China, with a total length of 60.41 kilometers, including 22 pipe galleries and 4 control centers. According to the requirements of the "special plan of Changsha underground comprehensive pipe gallery", Changsha will build an underground comprehensive pipe gallery of more than 100 kilometers by 2020, and by 2030, it is planned to build an urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery system of 400 kilometers, which combines trunk and branch roads, is built in pieces, is safe and efficient, and covers the whole city

Chuxiong underground comprehensive pipe gallery

according to the special plan for Chuxiong urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery (2016-2030), a total of 30 urban underground comprehensive pipe galleries with a total length of 138.11 kilometers are planned to be constructed. Among them, the main line integrated pipe gallery involves 7 roads, the branch line integrated pipe gallery involves 8 roads, and the cable pipe gallery involves 15 roads. The construction of the project will greatly improve the comprehensive carrying capacity of Chuxiong City and the development quality of new urbanization

urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery in Baiyun District, Guiyang City

Baiyun District is known as the "double heart district" and the "center of Guizhou". The total length of the comprehensive pipe gallery in this area is about 21.52km, with a total of 10 pipe galleries. The completion of the project will significantly improve the problems of limited urban underground space, disordered pipelines and difficult reconstruction in Baiyun District

Hangzhou Genshan road upgrading and reconstruction and underground comprehensive pipe gallery

the project is located in Genshan Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, starting from Pengbu interchange in the West and east to Donghu interchange in the East, with a total length of about 7.86 kilometers. As the "terminators" of the road that "pull new energy vehicles because they adopt more power system chains than traditional vehicles", they bear the heavy responsibility of bringing all pipelines along the line into the same "big family"

thirty four years of trials and tribulations

thirty four years of hard work

Beixin Yuwang never forgets his original intention

always on the road of protecting building waterproofing

actively explore and strive to move forward

contribute wisdom and strength to the construction of harmonious human settlements

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