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Analysis on the development direction of environmental protection equipment enterprises

relevant experts recently analyzed the development direction of China's environmental protection equipment enterprises in view of the development trend of foreign environmental protection market

at present, environmental protection companies recognized by people are often defined by the field of products or services, so environmental protection companies can be divided into two categories, namely, providing environmental protection products and environmental protection services. Environmental protection products have a wide range, penetrating into various fields, including chemical industry, machinery, etc; Environmental protection services are relatively clear, mainly referring to infrastructure operation companies engaged in sewage and waste treatment and recycling. The situation of foreign environmental protection companies is roughly the same, but it should be said that the two major types of companies at home and abroad are at different stages of development

first look at the companies that provide environmentally friendly products. Greenkor, which is listed on the Hong Kong Growth Enterprise Market, is a typical company providing environmental protection products. Its main products are various refrigerants that replace freon. When the company was listed, it was predicted that the net profit in 2000 would be 220million yuan and the earnings per share would be 0.25 yuan, while the actual net profit would be 269million yuan and the earnings per share would be 0.31 yuan, which exceeded the company's own prediction by more than 20%. The reason why the company has achieved this amazing performance lies in its outstanding product advantages. The refrigerants that replace freon include ra05a, r411a, r411b, r411c, etc. these serial numbers of refrigerants have not only been recognized by the State Environmental Protection Administration, but also obtained the standard certification of the international organization ashare, so they are popular in the refrigeration equipment market of air conditioners and refrigerators at home and abroad

at present, many domestic enterprises to be listed are engaged in the development and production of environmental protection products. For example, automobile exhaust purifier is an environmental protection product with high technical content and needs to be well marketed. Many companies, including Shanxi Jingtu, Guilin likat and Beijing Lvchuang, are engaged in the production and sales of this product. Like Freon substitution, due to the increasingly stringent national vehicle exhaust emission standards and the gradual implementation of regulatory and governance measures, this market has been activated, and the companies that entered this field in the early stage have also ushered in the harvest season. It is believed that such companies, if listed, will also perform well

take another look at the companies that mainly operate environmental protection facilities. In Europe and the United States, because this kind of business volume has been relatively saturated, the company's operation is stable, and its stock price is generally stable. For example, ecol Corporation of the United States, which collects, transports and processes hazardous waste and low-level radioactive waste, saw a 38% increase in operating revenue from its operations in the first quarter of 2001. This shows that even in developed countries, on the whole, environmental protection services still have some room to expand, especially with the deepening of people's understanding of environmental protection and ecological safety, the requirements for all kinds of waste treatment and resource recycling will continue to improve, and the market will also expand and deepen

experts say that in many areas of environmental protection services, China is at the stage of attracting investment and large-scale construction. Taking sewage treatment facilities as an example, the average 10000 people in the United States have a sewage treatment plant, while the average urban population in China has one for every 1.5 million people. Whether the sewage treatment capacity or its sample is generally short gauge distance (generally normal temperature sample), the sewage treatment depth and operation and management level are far from foreign countries. During the "Tenth Five Year Plan to enhance the competitive advantage of industry groups; stabilize the domestic market", the construction of sewage treatment plants has been placed in the primary position of developing the environmental protection industry. The business environment in which such companies are located is unmatched by similar foreign companies, among which companies with good management will also stand out

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