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Guanyun straw papermaking project put into production recently, the straw papermaking project built by Zhejiang merchants in Guanyun County, with a total investment of 150million yuan, the first phase of the 150000 ton Huacheng paper project was officially completed and began trial production

it is understood that this project is the largest paper industry project in Lianyungang City. Its production process adopts advanced measures such as pollution-free pulping, fully enclosed water, waste gas desulfurization and dust reduction, and all industrial wastewater are treated to meet the standard. After the completion of the project, the phenomenon of local farmers burning straw will be gone forever. After all the straw are put into production, 200000 tons of straw can be digested a year. The annual output of high experimental power requires 150000 stain free tons of corrugated paper and yellow paperboard to be increased or decreased repeatedly, which can achieve an output value of 300million yuan, profits and taxes of 66million yuan, and provide more than 500 local jobs

information source: Xinhua news

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