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UHV power: a guide to green energy development

on February 11, Northwest Power Co., Ltd. revealed that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, UHV transmission channels will become the main force of Northwest strong intelligent power transmission. The uneven distribution of energy resources in China determines the efficient use of solar, wind, hydropower and other green energy, which is inseparable from the construction of channels. The construction and operation of ultra-high voltage power transmission lines on high-speed power lines meet this demand, making green energy can be applied in a broader space

urban case because waterproof engineering and structural engineering are different construction parties: the fifth business card of Sichuan Yibin

upward engineering has become the fifth business card of Sichuan Yibin after Wuliangye, southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea, Xingwen stone forest and Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station. The upward project has not only made Yibin famous again, but more importantly, it has opened a new energy era for Yibin, turning Yibin from receiving power to transmitting power, and turning Sichuan's hydraulic advantage into an economic advantage

as an additional function of the upward project, the 800 kV Fulong station UHV heavy cargo wharf has created conditions for local freight transportation to the river and the sea. Xiao Zhang, a villager doing business in Danyu village, Anbian Town, Yibin, said, "the goods I bought can be transported here directly from Shanghai via the Yangtze River. It's much more convenient!"

UHV has injected continuous power into the economic development of Yibin. In the first three quarters of 2010, the GDP of Yibin City reached 62.801 billion yuan, ranking the fourth in the province, with a year-on-year increase of 15.7%, 5.1 and 0.5 percentage points higher than that of the whole country and the whole province respectively. The 12th Five Year Plan of Yibin City points out that by 2015, the regional GDP will exceed 170billion yuan, with an average annual growth of 13.5%; With the launch of yu'e Bao universal insurance, the total investment in social fixed assets reached 133 billion yuan, with an average annual growth of 20%; The added value of industries above designated size is 100billion yuan, with an average annual growth of more than 19%

energy vision: it is difficult to solve the problem of hydropower transmission to Sichuan Province.

the uneven distribution of hydropower resources in the East and west of China determines that we must vigorously implement the west to East power transmission strategy and transmit the rich hydropower in the west to the East on a large scale

Sichuan Province is a province with large hydropower resources in China. The hydropower resources in the province are 102 million KW, accounting for about a quarter of China's economically exploitable hydropower resources. It is an important resource guarantee for the transmission of hydropower from the west to the East

in recent years, the Sichuan provincial Party committee and government have also taken hydropower as one of the pillar industries of the province's industrial development. It is planned that the installed capacity of hydropower will reach 64 million kW in 2020, and 25.3 million KW will be sent out. Sichuan will become an important hydropower base in China

however, Sichuan's hydropower resources are mainly concentrated in the Western Liangshan, Ganzi, Ya'an and Aba prefectures, which are located at the junction of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the Sichuan Basin, with mountains and rivers along the way, numerous natural reserves and limited corridor resources. In addition, due to the large scale and long distance of power transmission, the traditional 500 kV AC/DC transmission system is constrained by factors such as short power transmission distance and large loss, which is difficult to meet the requirements of hydropower development and transmission in Sichuan, and the rich hydropower resources have encountered difficulties in transmission

solving the restriction of power transmission channel is the key problem to speed up the hydropower development and realize the optimal allocation of resources in Sichuan. UHV can save raw materials and floor space, reduce transmission losses, reduce waste water and electricity, and improve the overall operation efficiency of the power system and the utilization of primary energy

2. Wire rod changes the working conditions of the experimental machine. On July 8, 2010, the Xiangjiaba Shanghai 800 kV High Voltage DC transmission demonstration project was put into operation, which made Sichuan Hydropower export into the high-speed channel: after the project is put into operation, it can deliver 32 billion kwh of clean power to Shanghai every year, save 15million tons of raw coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 30million tons

this has greatly improved the export capacity of Sichuan Hydropower and accelerated the process of hydropower development. According to the plan of Sichuan electric power company, four hydropower stations, Jinping I Hydropower Station, Xiluodu Hydropower Station, Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station and Jinping II hydropower station, will be put into operation successively during the 12th Five Year Plan period, with a total installed capacity of 27million kW. The total annual average power generation is about equivalent to 1.5 Three Gorges hydropower stations. The power is mainly transmitted to East and central China, taking into account the power consumption of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces

relevant experts said that the development of UHV so that the Western hydraulic resources can be transmitted to the economically developed areas in the East in the form of electric energy can solve the imbalance between energy and productivity in the central and western regions and the East; It can promote the intensive development of large hydropower, promote the coordinated development of electricity and power supply, and effectively solve the contradiction of coal and electricity transportation in a larger range

Authoritative Interpretation

UHV: create favorable conditions for hydropower development

● Zhang boting, Deputy Secretary General of China Hydropower Engineering Society

● Yan Zhiyong, general manager of China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group Company

bright news: what are the characteristics of water resources and what is the significance of UHV for hydropower development

zhangboting: water is a clean energy. One of the biggest characteristics of hydropower is that the location of power supply points cannot be chosen arbitrarily. Hydropower stations are often far away from urban life intensive areas and important power load areas. Therefore, the development and application of hydropower cannot be separated from the long-distance transmission of electricity. Efficient and reliable electricity is an important prerequisite for hydropower development and utilization

in recent years, the development of UHV construction in Sichuan has attracted major enterprises to compete to deploy hydropower in Sichuan. The adoption of UHV power transmission will enable Sichuan to closely connect with central and Northern China through strong UHV power, which will enable Sichuan to export hydropower and turn resource advantages into economic advantages

Yan Zhiyong: when the UHV AC test demonstration project was officially put into operation, I felt very excited. Since the beginning of the development of UHV, I have been very supportive. In my opinion, this is a necessary measure to solve the problem of reverse distribution of energy resources and energy demand with the introduction of testing machine measurement and control technology, so as to realize the optimal allocation of energy resources, which can well adjust China's energy structure and ensure the sustainable development of the energy industry and power industry

UHV is of great significance for hydropower development. More than half of the hydropower resources that can be developed on a large scale in China are concentrated in the West. The operation of UHV undoubtedly creates better conditions for hydropower development

bright news: what are the advantages of using UHV to transmit hydropower

Yan Zhiyong: the transmission scale and distance of traditional transmission methods are limited. Even if they can be applied, more circuits will be added, and a series of problems such as cost, land occupation, environmental impact will follow. From a strategic perspective, it is imperative to develop UHV technology with single circuit lines and stronger transmission capacity. In addition, how to realize the cooperation between wind power and hydropower, thermal power, etc., and overcome its intermittent impact on electricity, is also worth serious study

wind power

energy vision: reduce congestion for multiple wind and trolley buses

on January 6, at the national energy work conference, Zhang Guobao, then director of the national energy administration, mentioned that China will vigorously promote the efficient use of clean energy, and wind power is one of the important development directions

according to the plan, China will build seven ten million kilowatt wind power bases in Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Jilin, Xinjiang, Jiangsu coastal areas and other regions. Most of these wind power bases have low load and small power scale, which cannot be consumed locally. They need to rely on transmission lines with higher voltage levels for large-scale long-distance transmission

however, wind power has the characteristics of intermittency, randomness and low schedulability, which has a deep impact on the power balance. With the doubling development of wind power for several consecutive years, the pressure of peak load regulation, frequency regulation and safe and stable operation of power is increasing day by day. In addition, the distribution and concentration of wind energy resources in China is high, which is not conducive to local consumption, and wind power inevitably encounters the embarrassment of more than one vehicle

on April 19, 2010, the State Grid Corporation of China released the white paper on green development in Beijing, which provided a prescription for this dilemma: rapidly improve the consumption capacity of new energy through the construction of UHV power, and it is estimated that 462million kW of clean energy will be consumed by 2020. At that time, the difficult problem of wind power will be solved

relevant research results show that if only the wind power consumption capacity in the province is considered, the scale of wind power that can be developed nationwide in 2020 is about 50million kW; Through UHV cross regional connection, the construction of Sanhua synchronous power and the construction of peak shaving power supply, the national wind power development scale is expected to reach 150million kW. In addition, the utilization efficiency of wind power can also be improved: UHV can reduce about 10% of the abandoned wind power caused by nearby consumption to less than 1%

according to the plan, in 2020, the national UHV and trans regional and transnational power transmission capacity will reach more than 373million kW, of which the capacity transmitted through UHV will be more than 250million kW, which is bound to create a convenient and efficient power highway for the intensive transmission of clean energy

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