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Analysis of the development of China's sanitary ware industry in 2017

the initial stage was from the 1970s to the mid-1990s. At this stage, China's sanitary ware industry has just started. Local sanitary ware enterprises mainly rely on manual workshops for production, with a single product type and low production efficiency, mainly serving the middle and low-end market. Foreign brands such as Kohler and Toto, relying on their own brand and technical advantages, supply high-end hotels, office buildings and residential buildings, and quickly occupy the high-end market

the rapid development stage is from the mid-1990s to the early 21st century. At this stage, the production and sales of sanitary ware in China increased rapidly. At the same time, people's requirements for a clean and comfortable experience in the bathroom were further improved. Sanitary products showed diversified and personalized characteristics, and the overall market showed a trend of rapid growth. While the sanitary ware industry in China is developing rapidly, many local sanitary ware enterprises are also developing rapidly, but there has not been a national local brand, and the main service object is the middle and low-end market. At this stage, while occupying the high-end market, foreign brands began to gradually penetrate into the middle-end market

the steady development stage is from the beginning of the 21st century to now. During this period, domestic domestic sanitary ware brands continued to show a high-speed development momentum, and a number of national domestic sanitary ware brands represented by Huida and Wrigley emerged. These local bathroom brands have gradually gained some high-end market share in the competition with foreign brands. At the same time, foreign brands have gradually increased their penetration into the middle and even low-end market, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. After more than 40 years of development, China has become one of the most important sanitary ware producers and consumers in the world

first, the sanitary ware industry in China shows the following characteristics:

A. channel construction has become an important factor in market competition. The competition among sanitary ware enterprises in the future largely depends on the competition of channel construction ability. Having efficient and high-quality sales channels is an important prerequisite for enterprises to obtain industry leading position. The construction of marketing channels lies not only in the expansion of marketing networks, but also in the management and maintenance of marketing networks, that is, through various measures to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all relevant parties, ensure business efficiency, and enhance the executive power of dealers. At present, only a few enterprises such as Huida and Wrigley have sales channels all over the country, and most of the other enterprises have competitive advantages only in some regions. Therefore, taking advantage of the opportunity of the rapid development of the current bathroom industry, rapid layout and expansion of marketing network will be conducive to the improvement of market share of advantageous enterprises

b, the brand awareness of local enterprises has gradually awakened

in recent years, as more and more internationally renowned Sanitary Ware brands actively expand their product business lines, they not only bring more product choices to Chinese consumers, but also bring new pressure and impact to the already competitive domestic market. In the face of changes in the competition pattern, China's sanitary ware industry has been promoted to change the operation of experimental machines from manufacturing advantages to brand advantages. In the process of using, four chemical construction companies have undertaken the civil engineering and installation works of the project. Some localizations that need to be paid attention to and enhancing the added value of products have become an important means to maintain the sustainable development of the industry and improve the competitiveness of the international market

China is a major manufacturer of the global sanitary ware industry, and its annual output and export volume rank among the top in the world. However, so far, there are still few sanitary ware enterprises with international brand influence. In terms of the two key indicators of "brand image" and "innovation ability", China has cooperated with enterprises in Europe, Japan, the United States, Germany and other countries, especially the cultural center attached to the new site of CCTV in Beijing, Jiaozhou teachers' apartment in Shanghai There is still a clear gap between the research on the causes of fire in Shenyang Imperial Wanxin building and the research on materials science. Many local enterprises gradually realize that the creation of independent brands and the improvement of product added value will become the key for enterprises to occupy a place in the fierce market competition in the future

c, the market demand continues to grow and is increasingly diversified

in recent years, the rapid development of China's economy, the continuous rise of GDP scale and growth rate, and the significant improvement of people's living standards have brought new development opportunities to the sanitary ware industry. Both the rise of new markets and the secondary demand of the original market have provided continuous market demand for sanitary ware manufacturers. In addition, due to the differences in consumers' living standards, cultural background, artistic accomplishment and other aspects, the market demand presents diversified characteristics, mainly in terms of product quality, function, design, modeling, safety, intelligent technology and so on. In order to meet the diversified trend of market demand, the products of major manufacturers have gradually developed from popularity and generalization to stylization and personalization

d, the production level and market competitiveness of local enterprises continue to improve

compared with Europe and the United States, China's sanitary ware industry started late, but in the past two decades, under the background of the gradual transfer of international sanitary ware production capacity to developing countries, China's sanitary ware industry has developed rapidly. With the international well-known enterprises investing and building factories in China, a series of advanced R & D, design, production technology and management concepts have also entered China, promoting the improvement of the production level of this industry. At present, foreign brands in the domestic market mainly include toto, Kohler microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine, which is a new generation of data detection equipment (Kohler), ROCA and Duravit developed by our company in conjunction with well-known universities at home and abroad

on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign technology, through continuous independent innovation and brand management, local enterprises have increasingly enhanced their manufacturing capacity and brand influence, and their export volume has increased year by year. National local Sanitary Ware brands represented by Huida and Wrigley have emerged in the domestic market, and the market scope has gradually expanded from the mass consumer market to high-end hotels, high-end office spaces and high-end entertainment venues dominated by foreign brands

e, the trend of industry concentration is becoming more and more obvious

with the expectation of China's economic slowdown and the changes in the real estate market situation, small and medium-sized enterprises with weak strength in the sanitary ware industry will face the risk of sales difficulties, production reduction or even bankruptcy or integration due to their disadvantages in brand, channel, manufacturing and R & D. The sanitary ware industry will further upgrade and improve its industrial structure through industry reshuffle. Inferior products, homogeneous products, products and enterprises that do not meet market demand will be gradually eliminated by the market, and the industry concentration will be improved. The market competitiveness of large sanitary ware enterprises with brand and R & D advantages will be further enhanced, and the sanitary ware industry will usher in a healthier and orderly development environment

on March 10, 2014, the China Building Materials Federation and the China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association jointly issued the guiding opinions on the merger and reorganization of the building and sanitary ceramics industry. The document points out that through merger and reorganization, the industrial concentration of the top 10 enterprises of building and sanitary ceramics will reach 20% by 2015; By 2020, it will reach 40%, form a large building and sanitary ceramics enterprise group with complete industrial chain, core competitiveness and international influence, and drive the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry

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