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Protect bright eyes Wenzhou improves the lighting of nearly 10000 primary and secondary school classrooms

on the morning of October 27, in a classroom of the first primary school in Longwan District, Wenzhou, technician Li Chaozheng rechecked the newly replaced LED lights with an illuminance meter. The results showed that the average illuminance values of blackboards and desks were 846 and 468 lux (illuminance units) respectively. "Meet the requirements of using eyes. Don't you think it's dazzling when staring at the lamp? We specially added grille to make the light more uniform and softer." Li Chao told me. So far, Wenzhou has improved the lighting of 9687 primary and secondary school classrooms this year, more than 20% of the planned number

in August 2018, Wenzhou launched the "bright eyes and bright teeth" project to fundamentally curb the high incidence of myopia and dental caries in children and adolescents. In 2019, Wenzhou listed the project as the first of the ten practical aspects of people's livelihood, implemented special funds, and the "top leaders" personally paid attention to it. There are many causes of myopia in children and adolescents, and one of them is that the substandard classroom lighting can increase the service life. Therefore, a specific measure of the "bright eyes and bright teeth" project is to complete the lighting improvement of 24000 primary and secondary school classrooms within three years from this year

Qu Jia, President of the optometry Hospital Affiliated to Wenzhou Medical University and director of the myopia prevention and treatment engineering research center of the Ministry of education, said that myopia mostly occurs in primary and secondary schools, while primary and secondary school students spend about 5 to 10 hours a day in the classroom, and classroom lighting directly affects myopia prevention and control, "Only in the lighting environment with uniform illumination, no stroboscopic and low glare, eye fatigue is not easy to occur. The" Hygienic standard for lighting and lighting in primary and secondary school classrooms "issued in 2011 stipulates standard values for these. For example, the average illumination on the blackboard should not be less than 500 lux, and that on the desk should not be less than 300 lux."

whether the classroom lighting can meet the standard depends on the lamps. There are more than 27000 classrooms in primary and secondary schools in Wenzhou. According to the early destruction of the exchange servo controller, 3000 of them are up to standard classrooms, and the remaining 24000 are not up to standard lamps, and some up to standard lamps are close to the service life of the light source. For this reason, all localities have implemented two improvement schemes in combination with the actual situation. For example, Longwan District will directly replace LED lamps with more stable and longer service life, while Lucheng District will replace them with new fluorescent lamps

after the lighting was improved, teachers and students generally felt that "eyes are not tired". Zhou Zhaoning, a sixth grade student of Longwan first primary school, said, "in the past, when I was doing my homework, my arms would be covered, which would leave a shadow, but now I won't. I don't feel my eyes swell after reading for a long time." Lin min, a teacher of Xiushan middle school in Wenzhou, said, "in the past, the desks near the lights were bright, while those far away were darker. Now there is no such feeling."

2. Key products, core technologies and their development trends are planned. From 2018 to 2023, the "bright eyes and bright teeth" project will reduce the overall myopia rate and caries rate of children and adolescents in Wenzhou by an average of 0.5 to 1 percentage point per year

Editor's note: eyes and teeth, seemingly trivial matters of individual health, are actually major events related to the future of the country and nation. Take the eyes as an example. At present, myopia presents a severe situation of low age, high incidence and severity. If its development is unchecked, in the near future, China's aviation, navigation and other areas with high vision requirements will face a huge talent gap, which will directly affect economic development and threaten national security. Wenzhou started with the key small things, launched the "bright eyes and bright teeth" project, and worked for a long time to implement the detailed measures. This effort is worthy of praise. (Li Yangyang, Liang Jianwei, Wang Yanqiong)

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