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Laibin Xincheng Power Supply Bureau: transfer the transformer at the side of the court to eliminate potential safety hazards

remove the transformer and supporting equipment at the side of the basketball rack Xincheng, people's Republic of China, August 9 (Xinhua) -- on August 7, the Party member service team of Chengguan Power Supply Bureau of Laibin Xincheng power supply bureau moved the transformer at the side of luochongtun basketball court in tangling village, Masi township to another place to eliminate potential safety hazards, so that the people of the village no longer worry about basketball being thrown on the transformer

Located at the junction of Xincheng County and Yizhou City, luochong village accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy. It is a relatively remote natural village in Xincheng County. The village is surrounded by mountains on all sides and achieves a smooth transition without impact when switching between modes, surrounded by trees, with less paddy fields and more dry lands. Since the aluminum engine before this method was also used and expired, the economic income of local people mainly comes from dry crops on dry land and wood in mountain forests. In recent years, the masses in luochongtun have raised native pigs, planted passion fruit, and the young and middle-aged labor force has gone out to work, which has improved their living conditions to a certain extent

"now the living standard of the masses has improved. We will organize the masses to carry out basketball games during the Spring Festival." LAN Guiwu, Secretary of tangling village Party branch, is glad to enrich the cultural life of the masses, but he is still afraid of the transformer beside the luochongtun basketball court. "The distance between the transformer and the basketball stand is less than 3 meters. In consideration of safety, we can only organize ball games in the village committee and the neighboring villages."

although there is a definite difference in the data between the transformer and the basket, the distance between the ball frame is too close, and there are great potential safety hazards. A little carelessness may lead to power failure, and serious cases may lead to personal electric shock. In view of this, Laibin Xincheng Power Supply Bureau decided to move the transformer elsewhere. On the 7th day, the Chengguan power supply office of Laibin Xincheng Power Supply Bureau organized a party member service team to luochongtun. It took nearly 8 hours to successfully move the transformer to a safe area

"now the transformer has been moved to other places, and the potential safety hazards have been eliminated." Seeing the smooth removal of the transformer, LAN Guiwu breathed a sigh of relief. "We now preliminarily plan to arrange the basketball match in tangling village to be held in luochongtun by the Spring Festival." (wuqingfeng)

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