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Guanhua Futures: Shanghai Jiao is still volatile and difficult to change in the short term.

the main 901 contract of Shanghai Jiao opened low today, rose in the morning, fell back in the afternoon, and finally closed at 13330, down 285 points from yesterday. Positions decreased by 4846 to 59, which has become a widely recognized 992 safe materials. The inventory of Shanghai stock exchange this week was 62380 tons, an increase of 170 tons over last week

the number of pending orders for Hainan agricultural reclamation has increased today, but the price remains unchanged. The starting price of net latex is 13200 yuan/ton; 20 # the starting price of standard glue is 15800 yuan/ton; Milk standard price: 18200 yuan/ton

the April benchmark contract of Tokyo Jiao opened low today, and by the close of Shanghai Jiao, the latest price was 176.1 yen, down 13.7 yen from yesterday. Yesterday's rebound momentum was lost. According to this, Tokyo rubber will fluctuate and fall in the next few days

the rebound of the US dollar also put pressure on oil prices- Crude oil prices fell for the second consecutive day on Friday, down more than 3 percent, approaching $64 a barrel, and are expected to hit the largest monthly decline, as the weak U.S. data released earlier refocused the market on the decline in demand Nymex12 crude oil futures fell $1.54 to $65.96 a barrel on the 30th, down 2.3%. 12: 18. The function of signal zeroing and calibration of nymex121 force channel input sensors. Monthly crude oil futures fell $1.54 to $64.42/barrel, having previously hit a high of $69.8/barrel. According to the data released by the US energy information administration, the US oil demand in August fell by 1.758 million barrels from the same period in 2007 to 19.267 million barrels per day, a decrease of 8.4%. Demand hit the lowest monthly level since December 2001. This is the 13th consecutive month that the oil demand of the United States, the world's largest oil consumer, fell compared with the same period in 2007, and also hit the lowest level of demand in the same period since August 1997

with the strengthening of the US dollar, the experience of crude oil DuPont has fallen again. The policy of rubber producing countries and the prospect of rubber are still uncertain. It is estimated that this volatile situation will continue for a period of time. In terms of the position of Shanghai Jiao, the next shock range will not be too large

suggestion: it is still mainly within the short term

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