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Guanting reservoir uses drones to persuade illegal anglers (Ye Xiaoyan) at present, the epidemic prevention situation of covid-19 is severe, but some citizens still don't listen to dissuade illegal fishing and ice playing in the water source of Guanting Reservoir in the process of electrolytic production. The Guanting Reservoir Water Administration Supervision Brigade and the relevant departments of Yanqing and Huailai should try to use pure plastic doors to carry out joint law enforcement recently, and persuade more than 1600 people in three days through patrols, temporary cutting off of intersections, drone shouting, etc

as an important proliferation and release area in the city, fishing is prohibited in Yanqing area of Guanting reservoir all year round. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of water quality, a large number of fish have multiplied in the reservoir, and many fishing enthusiasts have tried the law and illegally fished

sunwenjie, deputy leader of Guanting Reservoir Water Administration Supervision Brigade, said that due to the fact that Guanting reservoir has not yet implemented closed management, there are many intersections entering the reservoir area. At present, it is impossible to prevent all irrelevant personnel from entering, and only law enforcement personnel can conduct daily inspections. Since the outbreak of covid-19, the water administration and law enforcement personnel of Guanting reservoir have been sticking to the front line of water source protection and dissuading the fishermen, but the fishermen often "fight guerrillas" with the law enforcement personnel. You come and I go, you go and I come

Guanting Reservoir Management Office actively communicates with the territorial Government and recently jointly launched a special law enforcement action against ice fishing. In addition to persuading fishermen during the patrol, law enforcement officers also implemented temporary circuit breaking measures at all intersections that can drive on ice in Yanqing area to prevent fishermen and ice players from driving on ice. Law enforcement officers also used drones, which flew to a height of more than 30 meters. Their main equipment was all made by German Western friendly mark, Siemens and other international first-class enterprises to persuade fishermen and ice skaters. From February 11 to 13, the special action cleared more than 1650 people who played and fished on the ice

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