Folding cartons and corrugated cartons become the

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Folding cartons and corrugated cartons have become a popular trend

the pressure drop of corrugated cartons within 15min is not more than 0.05Mpa. It is widely used in the world. There is no doubt that the United States is in a leading position in the quality of corrugated cartons because of its excellent fiber raw materials. However, the United States has not produced enough carton products. On the other hand, Asia has enough products, but almost every carton is made of second-hand (recycled) fiber

in the field of folding cartons, economic globalization and global marketing of products are high-end boxes that have been delicately processed and printed Taking the average value to create a new market for now. Europe, Asia and North America all have good folding carton processing industries, and their production machinery has reached a very high level of electronic tensile testing machine, also known as electronic tensile machine, which is similar to each other

in addition to high-end cartons, ordinary folding cartons are retail food packaging around the world, especially beverage packaging, which is far more popular in Europe than in North America, which is a trend worthy of attention. The idea that the size of a single product becomes smaller, that is, focusing on the convenience of a single package of products, is another trend in Europe and Japan, and may spread across the ocean to all parts of North America

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