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After Fuyang, Dongting Lake District was ordered by the government to complete the withdrawal of pulp and paper production capacity by the end of 2019. Release date: Source: Carton micro vision editor: Bao's number of Views: 2681 copyright and disclaimer. Core tip: according to the three-year action plan for pollution prevention and control in Hunan Province (2018-2020) (hereinafter referred to as the plan) issued by the people's Government of Hunan Province, Sort out task plans that are highly relevant to industrial enterprises for reference

according to the three-year action plan for pollution prevention and control in Hunan Province (2018-2020) (hereinafter referred to as the plan) issued by the people's Government of Hunan Province, a task plan with high relevance to industrial enterprises is sorted out for reference by industrial enterprises

1. Promote industrial restructuring. With the supply side structural reform as the main line, we should vacate and dissolve the old kinetic energy, and actively cultivate new kinetic energy for high-quality development. Focusing on steel, nonferrous metals, chemical industry, papermaking, building materials and other industries, we should scientifically formulate industrial development plans and resolutely eliminate backward processes and production capacity. Focus on the implementation of the strategy of innovation leading, opening and rising, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, accelerate the development of high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries, and build a green industry system

2. Optimize the industrial spatial layout. We should pay equal attention to transformation and upgrading and withdrawal and relocation, and orderly promote the withdrawal of heavily polluting enterprises in urban built-up areas. By the end of 2019, the pulp and paper production capacity withdrawal will be completed in accordance with the requirements of the implementation plan for guiding the withdrawal of paper enterprises in Dongting Lake District. By the end of 2020, the relocation and transformation of heavy polluting enterprises in prefecture level cities and counties will be basically completed, and all existing hazardous waste management enterprises will be classified into the park

3. Promote the rectification of "scattered and polluted" enterprises. Clean up and standardize all kinds of industrial parks, and actively promote the agglomeration and development of industrial enterprises into provincial and above industrial parks approved in compliance. We will thoroughly carry out the special action for the rectification of "scattered and polluted" enterprises, and basically complete the comprehensive rectification of "scattered and polluted" enterprises and clusters by 2020 in accordance with the principle of "eliminating one batch, rectifying one batch, and relocating one batch"

4. Optimize and adjust the energy structure. We will strengthen the "double control" assessment of the total amount and intensity of energy consumption, and the energy consumption per unit of GDP in 2020 will decrease by 16% compared with 2015. Accelerate the construction of "gasification Hunan" project and UHV DC transmission project to reduce raw coal consumption. By 2020, the total energy consumption of the province will be controlled within 178.5 million tons of standard coal, the proportion of coal in primary energy consumption will be controlled within 54%, the proportion of natural gas in primary energy consumption structure will reach more than 6%, and the proportion of non fossil energy will reach more than 18.5%. The coal-fired boilers in the built-up areas of cities above the county level, villages in cities and the junction of suburbs have completed the replacement of clean energy

5. Strictly control the increment of pollutant discharge. We will strengthen emission reduction in key areas such as industry, life and agriculture, and strengthen the emission reduction of major pollutants. Organize and implement a number of key emission reduction projects to ensure the completion of the total emission reduction target of the 13th five year plan by 2020. Pre audit the total amount of major pollutants in environmental impact assessment, and reduce and replace the major pollutants in new, reconstruction and expansion projects. Implement the pollutant discharge permit system, complete the issuance of pollutant discharge permits covering all fixed pollution sources by 2020, and realize "one permit" management

7. Do a good job in rectifying the problems of the central environmental protection supervision. Establish a regular working mechanism for supervision and rectification, persevere in the work of supervision and rectification, and regularly report the supervision. Supervise the rectification tasks that must be completed in a short time, and ensure that the rectification is completed in a sequential and timely manner; For the rectification tasks that need to be adhered to for a long time, we should always make unremitting efforts to the end and comprehensively achieve the rectification goals. Conscientiously carry out environmental protection supervision and rectification "looking back", adhere to self-examination and self correction, check omissions and fill vacancies, draw inferences from one instance, and put an end to the rebound in scientific and technological innovation achieved by the isolation technology of Kunming new airport terminal. At the same time, we should do a good job in rectifying the outstanding environmental problems pointed out by the state inspectors and auditors

8. We will strengthen the special rectification of the coastline of the Yangtze River. In accordance with the general requirements of "high-level coordination, territorial responsibility, special rectification, rectification while improving, promoting integration, and completion within a time limit", four special rectification actions were carried out, namely, the rectification and improvement of river sewage outlets, the special rectification of drinking water sources, the special rectification of chemical pollution, and the investigation and rectification of solid waste. We will implement stricter pollution discharge standards and regional environmental access conditions, comprehensively renovate sewage outlets and waterlogged (waterlogged) outlets in the Hunan section of the Yangtze River coastline, and improve the water quality standards for sewage outlets entering the river

9 pay close attention to the pollution control of industrial parks. Actively promote the construction and recycling transformation of ecological parks, improve the centralized sewage treatment facilities in industrial clusters at and above the provincial level, strengthen the construction of supporting pipes, and ensure stable operation. By the end of 2019, the completion grid is a performance-based monitoring MicroStation for measuring the resistance of metal data to impact under dynamic load, and a comprehensive environmental supervision platform for the park will be built

10. We will promote the upgrading and transformation of industrial enterprises. We will promote the clean transformation of ten key industries, including nonferrous metals, chemical industry, papermaking, printing and dyeing, and electroplating. Implement special emission limits for air pollutants in the steel, coking, cement, nonferrous metals and other industries in Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan region and the whole province; There are special emission limits for influent pollutants in the stable export growth of chemical raw materials and chemical manufacturing, textile, coking and other industries in the Dongting Lake region; Special emission limits for key pollutants shall be implemented in counties and urban areas where mineral resources development and utilization activities are concentrated. By 2019, the ultra-low emission transformation of the thermal power industry will be fully completed; By 2020, we will comprehensively promote the transformation of ultra-low emissions in the steel industry, and complete the denitration transformation of gas-fired power generation, garbage power generation and biomass power generation units

11. Promote the comprehensive treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Accelerate VOCs control of enterprises in organic chemical industry, industrial coating, packaging and printing, asphalt mixing and other industries to ensure up to standard emissions; Complete the recovery and treatment of oil and gas from more than 6000 gas stations in the province by the end of 2019. By 2020, Fully complete the VOCs emission ratio of 201, so that the variety share of domestic sensors and instrument components can reach 70% "Reduce the target and task by 9% in 80% in 7 years.

12. Strengthen the response to heavy pollution weather. Promote the joint prevention and control of air pollution, and build a three-dimensional network for air pollution prevention and control. Improve the forecasting and early warning ability of heavy pollution weather, revise and improve the emergency plan, and implement differentiated peak staggering production for enterprises in key industries. Incorporate the emergency response to heavy pollution weather into the emergency management system of people's governments at all levels, and implement the responsibility of the main principals of local governments Accountability. By 2020, the number of days of heavy pollution in 14 cities and prefectures in the province will be controlled below 45 days

previously, paper-making enterprises in Jiangnan block of Fuyang region were required to retire by 2021. This time, Hunan Province also required to complete the withdrawal of pulp and paper production capacity by the end of 2019 in accordance with the implementation plan for guiding the withdrawal of paper-making enterprises in Dongting Lake District. It can be seen that the survival situation of paper-making enterprises is difficult in the face of the government's determination to rectify pollution. In today's increasingly severe environmental protection situation, if paper enterprises want to survive, it is the right way to strictly do a good job in sewage management

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