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Give play to one of the specialties of narrow flexographic printing machine: folding carton

folding carton printing, consistent operation and processing, and reduce production costs

the printing of folding carton is one of the best selling points of flexo printing at present. More and more cartons use flexographic printing to replace the original gravure and lithography printing. Most importantly, with the increase of printing and processing precision and in response to the trend of "a small number of diversified" orders, many buyers are also willing and hope to change to flexographic printing

suppliers who want to develop new processing methods for printing factories and expand flexographic printing machines and equipment to printing factories must understand that folding cartons provide a large market and unlimited business opportunities. For printing factories and suppliers, it is very necessary to understand the characteristics of today's narrow flexo printing in "small and diverse" orders and "fast turnover"

multiple functions/fast version change

in the printing of packaging cartons, online flexographic printing is always operated, which provides the maximum water. 4. The productivity and efficiency of cutting off all power supplies when not working. Unlike other printing methods, it must be processed step by step outside the production line, such as decoration, glazing, cutting and so on. On line flexographic press is a production system with consistent operation process, that is, the post printing processing is completed between the operation of the same machine. After the printed material (roll) enters from one end of the printing machine, the things that come out can be sent to the box pasting machine immediately. In other words, it can really achieve the level of "zero inventory and no waste". By means of online flexo printing machines, printing plants that print folding cartons can save huge waiting time - waiting for all offline work steps - a series of waiting

in addition, the flexographic press that has always been operated on-line processing and production can save a lot of space compared with the off-line operation, that is, the off-line printing processing and various machinery and equipment occupy a large floor area before theft, as well as the operation space such as paper feeding and paper discharging, as well as various investments in the purchase of various machinery and equipment

constant operation flexographic press is a printing machine designed to print diversified materials; It can be printed from plastic film to cardboard. It can also be connected with various printing and processing equipment, such as plate printing, lamination, glazing, bronzing, indentation and rotary/platform type cutting equipment

the printing platform (printing machine) is designed for various printing purposes. It has the function of quickly changing the printing plate, as well as the plug-in type cutting die and movable processing station, so that the printing personnel can quickly cope with the next level of work. Many printing companies use the versatility of this printing machine to meet a variety of orders from the same customer to achieve one-stop shopping, such as stickers, film printing and cartons, and can also print various seals and gift rolls

due to the needs of the market, it tends to change in a "small amount and diversity", and the consistent flexible printing machine has become more and more attractive. Flexographic printing can provide unparalleled delivery time and production profit

· higher quality

consistent job production, that is, to improve the printing quality. Due to the reduction of job steps, the final quality is also improved. In offline factories, after the single sheet is printed, it is sent to the stamping department for the second processing, then to the third department for indentation, and then to the cutting department for the fourth processing. Every time the paper is fed into the machine, the error of the equipment becomes the key to affect the quality. In addition, each step takes time to adjust the machine and wastes materials to test print

· simplicity is abundance (LES China has officially implemented the same 1 cement mortar strength inspection method for more than two years)

some people will think that printing width is a problem of flexographic printing, but a closer look is a benefit. Printing cartons on a narrow flexo press can save the cost of many tools, equipment and plates. Narrow width printing machine, easy to change jobs, and cleaning the machine is much easier

experience tells us that the flexo press with a width of 20 inches (50cm) has been proved to be the best width for printing cartons. It is not only suitable for large cartons with a small number of prints, but also suitable for large-scale printing of small cartons, because the unit of MM can print the second mock examination or the third mock examination at one time

as for printing more than ten million cartons, single sheet lithography is a good choice. However, for small/medium cartons, narrow and medium width flexographic presses are gaining a stable market share. At present, such news is popular in the market that 90 ~ 95% of lithography processing operations may be converted to flexographic printing

(Note: flexographic plate making in recent years, due to the rise of CTP digital plate making, the reproducibility of photosensitive resin plates can be from 1% to 99%. Therefore, it will be like the rise of color separation in the 1960s and 1970s, which has led to a great revolution in the lithography industry, that is, the rapid plate making and rapid progress in effect, so that even the older lithography machines can print beautiful and bright colored prints. We also expect flexographic color The revolutionary era of printing is coming fast. Just like lithography, any printing machine can print bright colors.)

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