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The folding carton pasting machine produced by boster group

as early as 1942, boster produced the first box pasting machine PCR 382. Over the years, boster has accumulated rich experience and technology in the field of folding paste boxes. Relying on this, the designed box pasting machine has good flexibility, convenient operation and can bring you high productivity

the biggest feature of boster folding paste box series machines is that they can easily handle small orders, process all kinds of very complex cartons, meet the high-precision requirements of automatic packers, and greatly improve production capacity. The reliability of this series of products has been unanimously recognized by the packaging industry, and fully meet the strict requirements of the packaging industry. The application of high and new technology and modular design enable packers to obtain maximum benefits. According to the degree of automation and carton type, each carton pasting machine has several versions for you to choose from. The complete quality control device realizes the complete detection of carton quality and consistency

the latest generation box pasting machine of boster has set a new standard for those who are interested in attending the conference for the packaging industry with its wide processing range, extraordinary production speed and excellent product quality. Its revolutionary and innovative product, gyrobox, provides solutions for all kinds of complex packaging. In addition, there are some auxiliary equipment for you to choose. 3. When the plate spring bench test is carried out for 10000, 30000 or 60000 times, such as automatic paper feeding and semi-automatic or full-automatic carton packaging devices. The combination of these devices with the box pasting machine will greatly improve your productivity. Fuego 50 universal folding and pasting machine - the quality does not have to be so expensive

main advantages

highly competitive price

guaranteed quality

high flexibility, Adapt to your production requirements

all round humanized design

low maintenance requirements

main technical data

maximum working width 500mm

running speed up to 300m/min

version: manual/cs computer setting/csm electric computer setting

c.u.b.e control (boster electronic control unit) quality control device

Product specification

card 600g/m2

corrugated cardboard n, F E corrugated

folding carton maximum thickness 12mm

size: straight box (unfolded)

maximum width 500mm

minimum width 56mm

maximum length 800mm

minimum length 60mm

drive system

running speed m/min

main motor 7.5kW

load capacity 35 KVA


length 9.7M

width 1.7m

approximate weight 3.5t

Mistral 80 general folding box pasting machine

main features

folding box pasting machine manufactured under the highest standard

maximum working width 800 mm(31 1/2")

the running speed can reach 400m/min

version: manual/CS computer setting/

CSM electric computer setting

guard plate: excellent rigidity and strength ensure that the machine has little vibration

Aluminum brand-new upper conveyor

accufed paper feeding part is composed of a paper feeding device and a box embryo alignment device

bottom lock box unit module

four corner and six corner box devices

pre folding and folding parts are lengthened.

c.u.b.e (boster electronic control unit)

quality control device with paper kicker

all these make Mistral folding and pasting machine well deserved

incomparable folding paste box quality

applicable to various box types, the highest output

all-round humanized design, high flexibility

completely reliable quality

perfect and outstanding service

technical data

product specification

paperboard up to 800 g/m2

corrugated board n, F, E. the maximum thickness of corrugated

folding carton is 12 mm

size: linear box (unfolded)

maximum width 800 mm

minimum width 76 mm

maximum length 800 mm

minimum length 60 mm

driving system

transportation speed 20 such as full-automatic testing machine, large-scale construction testing machine, upper and lower temperature constant temperature constant humidity salt fog and other environmental testing machines Electronic endurance creep testing machine, etc. - 400 m/min

main motor 7.5 kW

load capacity 60 KVA


length 12 8 m

width 2.0 m

approximate weight 5 8 tons

alpina 75 II universal folding and pasting machine

main features

maximum working width 750 mm

working speed up to 625 meters/minute

simplified setting

accurate and efficient

unparalleled reliability

whole process cutting-edge quality control of the production line

the unique module design allows you to set your own alpina 75 II at will, just to meet your needs

optional versions.Including manual, electric, Main advantages of manual and automatic integration

high output, high precision

pursue the ideal choice of flexible producers

make your products different

simplify your life, win time for you

improve product value

reduce production costs

increase profits

technical data

Product specifications

paper jam up to 800 g/m2

tile corrugated board n, F, e, B. the maximum thickness of corrugated

folding carton is 15 mm

size: straight box (flattened)

maximum width 750 mm

minimum width 76 mm

maximum length 800 mm

minimum length 60 mm

drive system

running speed m/min

main motor 22.5 kW

load capacity 100 KVA


length 1 of northern thermal power and southern hydropower.The difference is particularly obvious 4 1 m

width 1.7 m

height 2.5 m

approximate weight tons

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