The worst epidemic continues to spread, and the gl

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The epidemic continues to spread, and the global film industry has suffered heavy losses

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with the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic gradually spreading to the world, the film industry around the world is facing an unprecedented crisis. Both the film projection industry and the production field have been severely tested

Italian and Korean cinemas have postponed the release of new films.

following the closure of all cinemas in mainland China, nearly 45% of cinemas across the country in Italy, the country with the most serious epidemic in Europe, have also recently closed their cinemas, and the number of cinemas that closed their doors has reached as many as 850, making the Italian joint cinema line organization complain endlessly

even the remaining cinemas in Italy, which are still open, have encountered the problem of a sharp decline in audience numbers. At present, many Hollywood blockbusters, including Universal Pictures' new film "invisible man" and Pixar Animation's new film "onward", have suspended their release plans throughout Italy. Volevo nasondermi, a new local film that just won the best actor award for Italian actor Elio Germano at the Berlin Film Festival, also canceled its original release plan for February 27

in addition, the Italian comedy Si vive una Volta sola, the American drama after the wedding and the Japanese animated film Lu Bang III, which were originally scheduled to be released on February 26, have also cancelled their screening plans

in South Korea on the other side of the earth, the situation is equally serious. In the world's fifth largest film market, the joy of film industry insiders who had earlier won the Oscar for parasite has long been completely covered up by the gloom caused by the epidemic. In particular, Daegu City, the hometown of director Feng Junhao, has become the hardest hit area for the development of the epidemic in South Korea, and the cinemas are all closed. Even in South Korean cities where other cinemas were not forced to close, the attendance rate had already fallen to a low of 3.5%, so many cinemas announced temporary closure on their own, giving their employees a one month unpaid leave first

in terms of Korean local films, the black-and-white version of "parasites" canceled the screening plan. Later, the time of hunting, which is also scheduled to be released on February 26, the white and the documentary stray chef, which are scheduled to be released in March, also made the decision to postpone the release. As for when to postpone the release, it is unknown at present

in terms of Hollywood films, 1/2 of the magic has also postponed the original release schedule in South Korea. Instead, invisible people and gentlemen, the two works "committed crimes against the wind", were released across South Korea on February 26, and the box office was not ideal. On Monday, February 24, less than 80000 people attended all cinemas in South Korea, setting the worst one-day record since the Korean Film Association began counting daily box office data in 2011. Last Wednesday, thanks to the release of "invisible man" and "gentlemen", the number of movie goers increased slightly to 130000, but compared with the number of movie goers in South Korea driven by the release of the popular work "beasts grasping the straw" the previous week, there is still a decline of nearly 60%

according to deadline, the number of film viewers in Hong Kong, China, also fell sharply by 81% over the same period last year. Even in Singapore, where the epidemic is relatively well controlled, the box office fell by 64% year-on-year

it has passed the UL94 HB certification, and Hollywood insiders estimate that, not to mention the whole year, if it continues like this, by the end of March, the global film box office will have a loss of up to $4billion. Last year, the total global box office revenue was $42.5 billion, a record high. This year, due to the lack of super blockbusters such as "Avengers 4", it was originally expected that the global box office would decline, but as the saying goes, people are not as good as heaven. Many people in the Hollywood industry said in an interview that they have worked for many years, and have never encountered a similar situation in the past; Now, except for helplessness, no one knows what will happen next

Mulan, which costs 200 million US dollars, is almost impossible to be released simultaneously between China and the United States.

indeed, the film market in China and Italy, such as pa6/pa66 developed by Jin min, South Korea and other places, has been shut down, bringing an unprecedented dilemma to Hollywood. The film that was supposed to be released cannot be released, which will affect the release and film arrangement plan in the second half of 2020 or even 2021. The major Hollywood companies are undoubtedly most concerned about when the market will open in mainland China

at present, Paramount Pictures' Sonic the hedgehog has already canceled its release plan in China on February 28, followed by Mulan, which will be released in North America and other places at the end of March. Although Disney has not officially announced the schedule of the film in China, if there is no epidemic, it will be released simultaneously in China and the United States on March 27. Now it seems that this plan is almost slim

Mulan, starring Liu Yifei, costs as much as $200million. It is a classic remake of Disney animation in recent years. It usually produces some appearance defects under the injection molding process. Among the human films, the most expensive one. But for its box office prospects, the industry had some uncertainty. First of all, because Mulan uses the whole class of Asian actors, whether it can be popular everywhere is still uncertain. Secondly, because there are many action plays, the film was Rated PG-13 (children under the age of 13 need to be accompanied by adults), which is also the first time in Disney's similar works

it is worth mentioning that the box office of this kind of animated classic remake of live action movies in China was not all very ideal, including "Lion King" and "fantastic forest", which grossed more than 100million dollars, and "Aladdin", which only received more than 50million dollars. To a large extent, this Mulan is a customized work for the Chinese market and Chinese audiences: according to Hollywood, Disney has made various efforts to "please" the Chinese market, Including the deletion of a kissing scene between the hero and the heroine in the sample film (it is said that when the sample film was screened in Disney China, the Chinese company executives present thought that such a scene was unacceptable to the Chinese audience), as well as the removal of the role of Xu long, which is very popular with Western audiences but may be controversial in China. If you miss the original schedule due to the epidemic, you may not be able to win the ideal box office in China, which will eventually affect Disney's overall revenue. You know, although the animated version of Mulan was excellent at the box office in the United States, the box office was very general when it was released in China. The big reason was that the release time was nearly a year later than that in the United States - when the animated version of Mulan was released in February 1999, the winter vacation was over, and a large number of Chinese audiences had seen the film through various channels

in addition to "if there is a problem with Mulan", Sony Pictures' bloodshot was also likely to land on the Chinese screen in March. Now it seems that the plan must not keep up with the change. In addition, Universal Pictures' new film "007 has no time to die", which will be released in Europe and America in early April, has also cancelled the publicity activities in Beijing, South Korea and Japan, and may not be released in China on time. If the situation is ideal, the marvel film "black widow", which is scheduled to be released worldwide at the end of April and early May, is likely to become the first Hollywood blockbuster after Chinese cinemas resume normal business. After it, there is speed and passion 9, which is scheduled to be released in North America at the end of May

film shooting and film festivals may be cancelled or postponed

in addition to the film screening, the shooting of many film works has also been affected by the epidemic. The most famous film is naturally "mission impossible 7", starring Tom Tong. The film was originally planned to be filmed in Venice for three weeks, and was also intended to take the local Carnival as the background, but it caught up with the spread of the epidemic. The carnival was cancelled ahead of schedule, and the crew had to evacuate Italy temporarily. It is unclear whether the next step is to modify the plot or to think of another way

in addition, the film "red notice" that Naifei is shooting, which was originally planned to shoot on location in Italy in March, has also been canceled. The film is jointly produced by Johnson "Stonehenge", Ryan Reynolds "deadman" and Gail gado "Wonder Woman". The production budget is as high as US $160million, and it is planned to land in Netflix in 2021

in addition, there are not a few film activities that have been cancelled or delayed due to the epidemic. In addition to the 44th Hong Kong International Film Festival and the Hong Kong Asian Film Investment Association, which announced the postponement early, the 22nd Italian Far East Film Festival, which was originally scheduled to be held from April 24 to May 2, also decided to postpone to June 26. As the most important Asian film event in Italy and even Europe, the Far East Film Festival was born in 1999 and is held in Udine every year. This year's special exhibitions include a retrospective exhibition of the works of the Filipino director Eddie Garcia and a retrospective exhibition of the works of the Japanese Watanabe brothers (Watanabe, Watanabe). What makes the film industry even more worried is that the confirmed case of covid-19 has appeared in Cannes, a small French city. If the epidemic expands, it may affect the Cannes Film Festival in May

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