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Pay close attention to the layout of the eleventh five year plan to achieve the goal of building a powerful packaging country

with the purpose of implementing the spirit of the central economic work conference and the scientificoutlookondevelopment, developing a circular economy, and building a resource-saving and environment-friendly harmonious society, pay close attention to the layout of the Eleventh Five Year Plan of the packaging industry, and realize the goal of "building a powerful packaging country". The Standing Council of the China Packaging Federation and the Third Council of the sixth session, On December 12, it was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province with full particles of recycled plastic raw materials

the Executive Council of China Packaging Federation was presided over by the executive vice president of shanchunchang. President Shi Wanpeng attended and made an important speech, and more than 120 executive directors attended the meeting

the Third Council of the Sixth China Packaging Federation was presided over by Vice President Han Jiazeng. Wang Chune, deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, and Shen Jian, vice mayor of Hangzhou, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. More than 180 representatives from the directors, executive directors, vice presidents, professional committees, and secretaries general of local packaging associations attended the meeting

on behalf of president Shi Wanpeng, vice president Shan Chunchang first delivered the work report of the Third Council of the 6th China Packaging Federation at the Council meeting. The report points out that in the past year, the packaging industry has led the development of the industry with the scientific concept of development, made great efforts in adjusting the industrial structure, changing the production and operation mode and the mode of economic growth, and made new achievements

according to statistics, the total output value of the packaging industry in the first three quarters of this year reached 288.6 billion yuan. It is estimated that by the end of the year, it is expected to exceed 390billion yuan, achieving a high growth rate of 19.4%

over the past year, through everyone's unremitting efforts, the scientific and technological innovation ability and risk resistance ability of packaging enterprises have been continuously enhanced, the variety of packaging products has been further improved, the product quality has been significantly improved, and the momentum of industry development is getting better and better. This is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

first, taking the optimization of industrial structure as the lead, it further promotes the improvement of comprehensive benefits of enterprises

second, with independent innovation and advanced technology as the driving force, it has further promoted the upgrading of packaging products

three seamless ball screws, aiming at green packaging, further promote the sustainable development of the industry

fourth, further strengthen the training of packaging talents with the development of education as the afterforce

v. taking the outreach work as a platform, it has further promoted international exchanges and cooperation

VI. take the opportunity of carrying out the advanced education of the party in a deep and solid way to further strengthen the self construction of China Packaging Federation

VII. Focus on the central work of the government and further drive the work of associations at all levels

with regard to the work arrangement in 2006, the "report" points out that next year is the first year of the eleventh five year plan. There are many and heavy tasks in the packaging industry, so we must highlight the key points and make overall plans

first of all, we should formulate the outline of the Eleventh Five Year Plan for China's packaging industry. I hope you can put forward more opinions and brainstorm, and pay special attention to the forward-looking, scientific and operable formulation of the "plan". "Forward looking" is to reflect clear development goals, such as how much the ratio of output value to energy consumption and resources of China's packaging industry will be reduced by 2010. Recycling and reuse of packaging waste in sub circular economy will help to achieve more metal to plastic conversion than the availability of more economical high-performance thermoplastic composites. How many examples should be achieved? "Scientificity" means that the proposal of various indicators must be scientific and reasonable, It should conform to the characteristics of the industry, economic trends, scientific and Technological Development and market rules. "Operability" means that the proposed principles, methods and measures should be practical and easy to operate

To this end, we must pay attention to three combinations: first, we should combine the current international and domestic economic development situation and the expected market trend; Second, we should carefully summarize the development experience and lessons of the Tenth Five Year Plan in combination with the actual situation of the packaging industry, promote advantages and eliminate disadvantages; Third, it is necessary to realize the overall goal of building a powerful packaging country proposed by the "Sixth National Congress". In short, the "plan" must take into account all aspects. I hope you can use your brains, make full preparation, and work together to formulate the outline of the eleventh five year plan

second, go all out to hold the World Packaging Conference

the world packaging conference, which will be held in Beijing from April 18 to 20 next year, is composed of four parts. First, the opening ceremony of the World Packaging Conference and the World Packaging Development Forum; Second, the World Packaging Organization Council and the "world star" award ceremony; Third, international packaging machinery and equipment exhibition and seminar; Fourth, China's leading packaging enterprise award, China's outstanding packaging entrepreneur, packaging famous brand product award and other awards were collectively presented. The world packaging conference is a rare opportunity to enhance friendship, strengthen cooperation and expand international and domestic markets. I hope you can work together to make the conference a success

third, we should step up and suspend in lubricating oil, strengthen independent development and scientific and technological innovation, and constantly improve the overall level and market competitiveness of the packaging industry

fourth, further promote the adjustment of industrial structure and speed up the modernization of the packaging industry

v. accelerate standardization construction and promote technological progress of enterprises

Sixth, we should further promote the cause of packaging education and cultivate qualified professional and technical personnel through multiple channels and levels

VII. We should further promote the self-development of the Federation and turn the China Packaging Federation into an industry association that the government can trust and the enterprises can rely on. The report emphasizes that "only with achievements can one have a position". In order to make the Federation have a certain weight in the eyes of entrepreneurs and be recognized by the industry, it must make a difference for the industry and enterprises. This year, the national finance separately listed a special fund of 30million yuan for high-tech research and development, and entrusted the China Packaging Federation to organize expert evaluation. The response is very good, and the effect is good. It is generally believed that the China Packaging Federation has done a real good thing for the industry, which can not only promote the development of the industry, but also enhance the cohesion of the industry

vice president Wang Shanchuan made a proposal and explanation on the addition and adjustment of directors, executive directors and vice presidents, and vice president Lu Haiyan and secretary general made an explanation of the articles of association of China Packaging Federation (Amendment)

the meeting held group discussions on the work report of president Shi Wanpeng and the outline of the Eleventh Five Year Plan for the packaging industry (Draft for comments). Delegates - Zhi believed that the key to the successful completion of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" and the tasks proposed by the "Sixth National Congress" of the China Packaging Federation lies in the unity of thinking and understanding, the unified tone of progress, and the adherence to the scientific concept of development to guide the packaging industry, work hard, overcome difficulties, explore and innovate, and do solid work

the meeting held a show of hands vote on the proposal of China Packaging Federation on adjusting and supplementing the directors, executive directors and vice presidents of the Sixth Council and the proposal of amending the articles of association of China Packaging Federation, and unanimously passed the above proposal

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