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After China's entry into WTO, the food and packaging machinery industry is facing challenges (2)

2. The level of science and technology and development trend. The production line is highly automated

with a high degree of specialization, continuity and automation, intelligent equipment has been widely used, significantly improving production efficiency and product quality, reducing processing costs and enhancing product competitiveness. New technologies are widely used. For example, the combination of biotechnology and food machinery makes the development prospect of food machinery broader. The solidification technology of cells and enzymes, the development and utilization technology of enzyme carriers and the development of fermentation engineering may produce a new generation of food machinery and equipment. Energy saving and high yield. Food machinery continues to develop in the direction of energy saving, water saving, steam saving, high yield, no pollution or less pollution

3. Gaps in product structure, enterprise organizational structure, economic scale, etc

there are more single machines and less complete sets of food and packaging machinery in China; There are many general models, and there are few equipment to meet special requirements, special material processing and packaging; There are many products with simple structure and low technical content, and few products with high technological added value and high productivity. Intelligent equipment is still in the development stage

in terms of organizational structure, the biggest gap in China's food and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises lies in the heavy production and processing, light research and development, insufficient innovation, and unable to provide products in time to keep up with market demand. The proportion of technical personnel in most enterprises in the total number of employees is less than 10%. Only a few enterprises can reach the scale of 50million yuan

there are gaps in product quality, performance, technical level, scientific research, new product development, etc. The product quality gap between food and packaging machinery in China is mainly manifested in poor stability and reliability, backward modeling, rough appearance, short service life of basic parts and supporting parts, short failure free time, and short overhaul period; The vast majority of products have not yet developed reliability standards. The performance gap is mainly manifested in low production capacity and high energy consumption. The technical level gap is mainly manifested in less application of high-tech, poor control technology for patients, low automation of production line, and too many low-level repetitive production equipment. There is also a large variety gap. There are more than 6000 food and packaging machinery products in developed countries, and there are a large number of complete sets, and new models continue to emerge

in a strict sense, China's food and packaging machinery is mainly imitation, surveying and mapping, with a little localization improvement, not to mention development and research. Domestic scientific research and development investment is small, and according to the regulations, the technical investment can account for 3% of the sales revenue, but most enterprises can't do it. Our development means are backward. Now better enterprises have carried out the "plate rejection project", and few really use CAD. Lack of innovation in product development makes it difficult to improve; The production means are backward, and most of them are processed with obsolete general equipment; New product development is not only a small number, but also a long development cycle

● opportunities and challenges for the industry after China's entry into WTO

1. Through the opening of the market, China imported food and packaging machinery, which broadened its horizons

after digestion and absorption, China has developed complete beer filling equipment of 20000 bottles/hour and 36000 ~ 40000 bottles/hour, 0.3 ~ we are using our professional knowledge in extrusion and thermoplastic lightweight structure. The beverage filling production line of 30000 bottles/hour and the three piece can production line of 500 cans/min have reached a very high technical level, and the gap with the foreign advanced level has gradually narrowed; The production capacity of single head and multi head flexible packaging machines can reach 2200 bags/hour (single head) and 4800 bags/hour (double head compared with traditional materials); It has successively developed various square boxes, triangle bags, roof aseptic packaging steel bar welding joint experimental method standard jgj/t 27 ⑵ 001 preparation and large bag aseptic packaging equipment; The industrial robot packaging production line has been put into trial operation in Tianjin and has reached the level of similar production lines in Japan in the early 1990s

China's instant food processing machinery is led by instant noodle processing machinery. The first instant noodles production line was imported in 1980. After the successful development of the domestic instant noodles production line in 1984, the domestic instant noodles production line has developed rapidly. At present, a production line with a class output of 150000 bags of instant noodles has been developed. Convenient food machinery is developing to multiple varieties

the manufacturing industry of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping equipment and quick-frozen equipment in China has always followed the path of introduction, digestion, absorption, research and development. In the past 10 years, it has developed rapidly, and has successfully developed more than 10 varieties and dozens of specifications of relatively new fresh-keeping quick freezing equipment

the manufacturing industry of metal packaging container processing machinery in China has begun to take shape, and can produce round can resistance welding can production line, easy to pull cap production line, steel barrel production line and bottle cap production line. From a technical point of view, China is still at the level of imitation and digestion and absorption, with weak foundation, incomplete digestion and absorption work and lack of in-depth research, so the overall level is not high

pulp molding processing equipment began to be developed in the mid-1990s, and after development and improvement, it has been successfully applied in the tableware industry. It is an innovation and is developing towards the buffer packaging of industrial products, which is currently in the forefront of the world

2. In recent years, while meeting the domestic market demand, China's food and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises have actively explored foreign markets and made efforts to enter the international market. They have made gratifying achievements, and the export amount has increased year by year

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