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There is a breakthrough in making new thermal insulation silicon from waste foam

plastic foam (i.e. polystyrene foam) has good shock absorption and excellent thermal insulation performance, so it is not only widely used for cooking, but also used for solar shell, fresh-keeping box, refrigerator compartment and other thermal insulation products

due to the widespread application of plastic foam, the amount of its waste has increased sharply and does not decay for a long time, which has caused serious pollution to the human production environment. In order to improve the environment, solve the problem of white pollution caused by waste foam to the society, and successfully solve the problem of thermal insulation of roofs and other buildings, the science and technology center in front of the workers' Cultural Palace in Laizhou City, Shandong Province decided to carry out secondary development of waste foam, turning harm into benefit and turning waste into waste. After repeated tests, a new type of thermal insulation brick with low cost, good fire resistance and ideal thermal insulation effect was finally developed

this new type of thermal insulation brick has extremely excellent thermal insulation performance. After testing, the thermal conductivity of the product is less than 0.06w/m.k, exceeding the national standard of less than 0.09w/m.k; If the water content is less than 8%, it is not satisfactory; The density is less than 225kg/m3; The compressive strength is greater than 0.21mpa, which is suitable for use in different climatic regions in China and can replace traditional products

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