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The industrial technology of fluidized bed methanol to propylene (fmtp) has made a breakthrough

"after using the experimental curve in the eleventh five year plan, we can master the performance of the sample and make use of it". Since then, significant achievements have been made in the major scientific and technological research projects in the major special projects of efficient, safe and clean production of coal and coal chemical industry in Anhui Province, which have solved the problems of efficient and clean utilization of high ash melting point coal in China and the production of olefin products through non petroleum routes. 8 The lifting screw of the sample table should be lubricated regularly, which provides an important scientific and technological support for the construction of Anhui coal chemical industry base

Anhui huaihuaji predicts the arrival of the future IOT period. With the strong support of the provincial and many enterprises, such as the regiment and China Science synthetic oil Huainan catalyst Co., Ltd., which are often "rule by man" rather than "rule by law", and the Municipal Science and Technology Department, they have fully implemented the strategy of revitalizing enterprises through science and technology. The direct gasification of high ash melting point coal in Anhui Province, the production of propylene from methanol in fluidized bed, the adaptability of coal in the two Huaihe mining areas to entrained flow gasification Remarkable achievements have been made in the scientific research of coal chemical technology, such as 1500 tons of catalyst per year

coal gasification is a key upstream technology of the chemical industry, and Anhui Province is a major coal producing province, but the direct gasification technology of high ash melting point coal has always been the bottleneck restricting the development of coal chemical industry in our province. The breakthrough of this technology has explored a new technical route for the efficient and clean utilization of high ash melting point coal, which accounts for 50% of China's total coal

propylene is a basic chemical raw material, and methanol to propylene is an important technical link to realize the diversification of petroleum substitution and propylene conversion raw materials. Fluidized bed methanol to propylene (fmtp) industrial technology "was jointly developed by Anhui Huaihua group in conjunction with China National Chemical Corporation, Tsinghua University and other units. The whole development process lasted three years. This technology is a key technology of coal chemical industry developed by China itself, with completely independent intellectual property rights and reaching the world's advanced level. It is conducive to the efficient and clean use of coal resources, breaking through China's resource bottlenecks, and promoting the adjustment of the national energy structure, It is of great significance

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