Breakthrough in localization of key lightweight ma

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Breakthrough in the localization of key aircraft lightweight materials

Yantai spandex group yesterday came good news that China has made a historic breakthrough in the localization of key aircraft lightweight materials, and domestic meta aramid paper for honeycomb core materials will be used in aircraft manufacturing in batches. When interviewing Maestro Specialty Paper Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yantai spandex, it was learned that the meta aramid paper developed by it for aviation grade honeycomb core material has passed the technical appraisal organized by China aviation industry group, and Maestro will become a supplier of China's aviation industry, thus breaking the technical blockade and market monopoly of western countries

at present, the application of aramid paper honeycomb core material in China is still in its infancy. With the opening of low altitude flight and the rapid development of large aircraft and high-speed rail projects, the development of aramid paper honeycomb structural materials in China will usher in a historic opportunity. The aviation and high-speed rail industry dominated by traditional metal materials such as aluminum honeycomb will be rapidly replaced by new aramid paper honeycomb structural composites

the meta aramid paper produced by Yantai Maestro has been identified by experts that its physical and mechanical properties meet the relevant technical requirements. The honeycomb structure materials produced have been proved by strict verification tests and flight test examinations, which can achieve high-precision stable movement and meet the special processing and use requirements in the aviation field

as an important aeronautical material, aramid paper honeycomb is a honeycomb shaped high-tech composite material processed from meta aramid paper. It has excellent properties such as light weight, high strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation, and is convenient for large-area integral molding. Its strength is 30% - 60% higher than that of traditional aluminum honeycomb, which can reduce the weight of the device by 25% - 30%. Therefore, aramid paper honeycomb has become an ideal core material for modern aircraft structural components. It is mainly used for secondary stress structural components with high rigidity, such as wings, fairings, floors, hoods, hatches, as well as interior filling materials, such as side walls, ceilings, partitions, suitcases, etc., and plays an important role in realizing aircraft lightweight and high performance

in 2009, Yantai spandex group established Yantai meistar Special Paper Co., Ltd. on the basis of its aramid paper due to molecular thermal decomposition project. With self-produced meta aramid fiber as raw material, it successfully developed a high-performance meta aramid paper with high strength, low deformation, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation and other excellent characteristics, filling the domestic gap. 10. Before the system is loaded, the electromechanical must be turned on, It breaks the monopoly of multinational companies in this field

1 generally, it can be used more than 100000 times

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