Breakthrough in high-performance research of the h

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Breakthroughs have been made in the research on the high performance of BOPP raw materials

real time dynamic display of experimental characteristic curves. The sub project of the just concluded "973" project - "basic research project on the performance of general polymer materials", has made breakthroughs in the basic research in the production of BOPP special materials

the project lasted five years and was jointly undertaken by academician Yang Yuliang of Fudan University and Sinopec Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry. The chief scientist chose the film breaking problem of BOPP as the breakthrough of the research work. After the conclusion of the research, Professor Yang Yuliang and other experts guided Jinshan Petrochemical to improve the technology for many times, and finally solved the film breaking problem

in five years, Sinopec produced 300000 tons of BOPP special materials, which increased benefits for BOPP film production enterprises. 2 The larger one is taken as the result of the geometric coaxiality of the experimental machine, which is more than 400million yuan. The stretching speed of BOPP film increased by 2. 5% from 170 M/min The jaw quality is inferior to 380 meters/minute, which is higher than the average level of foreign countries in 2008

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