Breakthrough in the application of the hottest nan

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Breakthrough in the application of nanotechnology in anti-corrosion coatings

breakthrough in the application of nanotechnology in anti-corrosion coatings

December 22, 2003

the "seminar on non-toxic and efficient antirust pigments and their application in anti-corrosion coatings" jointly organized by Canada Wanda Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. and the "National Paint Industry Information Center" was recently held in Wuxi

Xu Binshi, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of the Academy of Armored Forces Engineering, Li Guolai, Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Qian birong, chief engineer of Changzhou paint and Chemical Industry Research Institute of China chemical construction, and other well-known figures in the industry made reports at the meeting respectively. The participants jointly discussed the "Application of nanotechnology in antirust pigments and coatings" "The application of non-toxic and efficient antirust pigments in anti-corrosion coatings" and "the development of new Antirust Coatings and antirust test methods", said one researcher

Academician Xu made a brief introduction to the current development of nanotechnology. He pointed out that the research of nanotechnology plays a vital role in human development and the progress of the world. Whoever masters nanotechnology is in the forefront of the world. Due to its early start, the research of nanotechnology in China can basically keep pace with the world, and even surpass the same industry in the world in some fields

as the leader of domestic surface treatment, academician Xu focused on the role of nanotechnology in promoting the development of antirust pigments and coatings. He said, "Previously, the overall development level of antirust pigments in China fell behind that of western developed countries, and traditional antirust pigments such as red lead, chromate, iron series pigments and zinc phosphate were still the main ones. Red lead has been eliminated and banned by many countries because of its serious pollution and great harm to human body; although zinc phosphate antirust pigments are non-toxic, their performance is not ideal due to modification technology, and the price is too expensive to promote; and tripolyphosphate Aluminum acid has not been widely used due to price reasons. Foreign companies such as halox, Sherwin Williams, mineralpigments in the United States, hrubach in Germany, sncz in France, BritishPetroleum in Britain and Imperial Chemical Company in Japan have launched a series of non-toxic antirust pigments, some of which have good performance and even can be compared with chromate, but they have not been introduced in China because of their high prices. China's antirust paint industry urgently needs a kind of non-toxic, harmless, excellent performance and low price antirust pigment to improve the overall level of antirust paint products and enhance the international competitiveness of the industry. "

SHEN Haiying, senior engineer of Changzhou paint and Chemical Research Institute of China chemical engineering construction, on behalf of Changzhou paint and Chemical Research Institute, made a speech entitled" Application of non-toxic and efficient antirust pigments in anti-corrosion coatings " In the report, the production process, precautions for production or use, technical indicators of composite iron titanium alkyd antirust paint and composite iron titanium epoxy antirust paint are introduced in detail, as well as the main performance comparison with iron red and red lead antirust paint of the same kind

today, when the price of red lead is rising all the way, this information undoubtedly provides great reference value to all paint manufacturers. The atmosphere at the meeting was very warm, and participants raised various questions one after another. Mr. Li Jiaquan, chief engineer of Wanda Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., made a detailed introduction to the rust prevention mechanism, production process, selection of carrier powder, various performance indicators of products and pretreatment methods of nano materials of composite iron titanium antirust pigments

at present, the products have passed the analysis and testing of many domestic authoritative institutions such as "National Paint Quality Supervision and testing center", "vehicle inspection station of product quality supervision and inspection center of the Ministry of Railways", "Wuhan Institute of material protection, Academy of Mechanical Sciences", and also passed the technical analysis of foreign authoritative institutions such as "National Paint information center of Canada". The results show that it has incomparable rust prevention performance and environmental protection advantages of similar products at home and abroad, It is an epoch-making product in the field of Antirust Coatings, for which it has won the "gold medal of China Patent Technology Expo". The production tips of composite iron titanium powder and its antirust paint and wood plastic have been applied in many industrial fields after being identified by the national authority, and have been comprehensively promoted and used by the General Equipment Department of the people's Liberation Army as a key project on some equipment of the whole army. The domestic market share of high-strength and high toughness automotive steel, silicon steel sheet, etc. has reached more than 90%

the successful convening of this meeting marks the beginning of a new round of reform in China's antirust coating industry, which opens a new page in the development of China's antirust coating towards high quality, high-tech content, high efficiency and full environmental protection. Its economic and social benefits are immeasurable. This is the beginning of the war declared by the new antirust paint against the traditional antirust paint, and also sounded the horn of China's antirust paint industry to launch an impact on the high-end antirust paint market

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