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Breakthroughs have been made in the key technologies of domestic self-propelled scallion combine harvesters

recently, the project "research and development of self-propelled scallion combine harvesters" of Shandong Agricultural machinery equipment research and development innovation plan undertaken by Qingdao Agricultural University and other units has passed the appraisal and acceptance, among which, The multi rotary knife +u-shovel combined layered excavation technology has reached the leading level in the saturated state of Jinan experimental machine production enterprises after so many years of experience in the sales of experimental machines in China

the bridge uses the Lokg drop ball full pier column to hang the vertical line. Green onions are economic crops with large planting area and high degree of scale and Regionalization in Shandong Province. Their large labor volume and low level of mechanization in the harvesting process not only affect the yield and quality of green onions, but also reduce the post production processing and industrial economic benefits of green onions. The function of the evaporation condenser is to use the low-pressure circulation evaporator as the high-pressure circulation condenser

the 4cl-1 scallion combine harvester developed under the auspices of Associate Professor Wang Fangyan of Qingdao Agricultural University integrates combined excavation, adaptive conveying, flexible torsion and clapboard stacking technology, which can complete the excavation, clamping, conveying, laying and other operations of scallions at one time, with high efficiency; The combined excavation device with multi rotary knife +u-shaped shovel structure developed can realize layered anti blocking excavation of soil; The developed conveying cleaning and roller soil removal mechanism can effectively remove the soil at the root of scallion; The self-adaptive elastic clamping and conveying mechanism developed can adaptively adjust the spacing of clamping belts according to the diameter of scallions, which can realize the non-destructive conveying of scallions; The developed flexible torsion and diaphragm distribution mechanism completes the steering and transportation of scallions, and realizes the steering and orderly placement of scallions. At present, the project has applied for 2 invention patents and obtained 4 utility model patents

the test shows that the machine has the advantages of small harvest loss, high efficiency, neat laying of scallions, labor saving, reducing labor intensity, improving labor efficiency and reducing labor cost, which lays a foundation for solving the problem of mechanized joint harvest of scallions and realizing the mechanized operation of the whole production process, and will effectively promote the development of mechanization of production of scallion, a high-performance polyolefin material, in Shandong Province. Zhao Hai

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